API calls

ByteBloc provides a REST API that allow data retrieval over HTTPS. API access for a location can be enabled upon request by ByteBloc support.


API security token: A security token used to authorize access to the service. Each organization or location requires a different token. The security token can be reset upon request by ByteBloc support. If the security token is for an organization, then it can be used to call server for any of the locations in the organization.

Main schedule: The service provides published schedule data in XML format including schedule information, site and shifts information, provider information including contact information, and the assignment of providers to shifts for each day in the schedule.

Worked hours: The service provides per-shift and per-provider worked hour data for a specified period of time, similarly to the hours report. The data is provided as comma separated values (CSV) with a header, either in-line or as an attachment to the response for the service call.


Payroll list: The service provides a list of payroll runs in comma-separated format (CSV). A payroll run is always for one location and one schedule. Multiple payroll runs may be available for the same location and schedule.


Payroll details: The service provides the details for a payroll run. Payroll details consist of a set of pay elements for providers. The pay elements are such that the total pay for the payroll for a provider corresponds to the sum of all of the pay elements included for the provider. The pay elements are provided in comma-separated format (CSV).


User details: The service provides information for all of the providers within either a location or an organization. The information returned by the service is in comma-separated format (CSV).