Add/Edit Message

Create a message and disseminate it to all or specific providers or support staff.



  1. User group: Displays all provider groups.


  3. Access: You have these following options to choose from:

    Available to providers: Displays only provider names to be selected.


    Available to users: Choose multiple users or a select few.


    Available to all: All end users including administrators, providers, and support staff will have access to the message.


    Personal: Your own personal message. Only you can view it.


    Require location admin: Only administrators with location admin privileges.


    Require edit all: Only administrators with edit all privileges.


    Require view payroll: End users who have view payroll access.



  5. Message dissemination: You have these options to choose from:

    Send as email immediately: The message will be sent to every active user in the location.


    Send as text message immediately: The message will be sent to users with verified mobile numbers only.


    Send as push notification immediately:The message can be sent as push notifications.


    None (do not include in daily emails): Add a message to the 'Messages' screen.



  7. Expiry: (Optional) Set an expiration date for a memo, provider schedule reminder, and 'Day at a Glance' emails, immediate email, and text message.

  9. Category: Choose a category from the available listings.

  11. Urgent: Select the check box if this notification is urgent.

  13. Title: (Required field) The title for the message. Enter in a name or description for the message.

  15. Body text: (Optional) You have an option to add a note and there's unlimited text.


  17. Attachment: (Optional) Click here to search files by clicking on the 'Browse...' button to upload a file.