All Available or All Need off

Shift assignment requests (i.e., 'on' requests) can be preserved when providers indicate that they are either 'Available' or 'Need off' for an entire schedule period.



All Available: Click this button to clear all Off Shift entries that you have made, making yourself available for scheduling for all shifts in the schedule except those that are 'Can't Do', 'Prohibit Biased' and 'Preserve all on requests'. This feature is useful if you have made errors entering off data (such as data for the wrong provider) and want to start over again. (Or if you used the 'All Need off' option.)



All Need off: Click this button to mark off for all shifts in the schedule, making yourself unavailable for scheduling purposes. Consider using this feature if you requested on for shifts and need to mark the rest of the days as off using the 'Preserve all on requests' option.