Bulk Define

Define days for the cycle in bulk



  1. First day: Enter in the number of the first day of the cycle.

  3. Last day: Enter in the number of the last day of the cycle.

  5. Availability: Each 'Day cycle' uses a type of cycle scheduling required for that day. Values listed are Scheduled, Available, and Off. If the current day in the cycle requires scheduling of specific shifts you should select Scheduled.Another scenario would be if the current day in the cycle requires Off for specific shifts, you should select Off. If the provider is simply available for a day in the cycle, select Available. You can select either Off or Available for the 'Availability', then select 'All shifts' for the shifts type.

  7. Shifts: Initially this area is empty, but if you click anywhere in the row, the window lists all of the shifts defined for your schedule. You have the option to pick from 'All shifts' or 'As specified'. By default, the shift type of 'All shifts' will be selected. The 'As specified' option gives you the ability to pick and choose from the shifts. Click on the check box associated with a shift to include it in the cycle for the day. If you click 'All shifts' from the 'Shift type', all the shifts will be selected and grayed out.
  8. If the type of scheduling selected is Scheduled, you will usually want to click the check box for only one shift using the 'As specified' option. However, if the cycle is for a provider who routinely works back to back shifts on the same day, you can check more than one shift. If a shift selected for cycle scheduling is already filled or not used on a given day, the Scheduler consults a list of 'Substitute shifts' where you can designate which shifts, if any, should be scheduled instead.