Add/Edit Paid Activity

Define a new paid activity for providers.



Title: You could use meeting, reimbursed mileage, hotel/travel fees, etc...


Active: You have the purpose to activate or deactivate a paid activity at anytime.


Grace period in days: Enter in the number of days after the activity has been completed to confirm.


Requires confirmation by providers: (Optional) The preset specifies the confirmation option field when activities are created for providers by an administrator. Providers that create their own activities never need to confirm them.



Maximum number of occurrences within a pay period: You have the capability to 'Limit the maximum number of occurrences' and set a maximum number.


Paid amount: Establish a fixed pay per occurrence or set a rate unit to measure one of the options such as hours, miles, kilometers or pay amount. Next determine pay per unit. By default it will be set to 1. Reminder you cannot change the pay per unit for a pay amount.