Paid Activities

View and record paid activities for inclusion into the payroll.


Add Activity: Record a new paid activity.


Edit Activity: Edit the paid activity currently selected.


Delete Activity: Delete the paid activity currently selected. The activity and the associated pay will be deleted. Click 'OK' to confirm.



  1. Activity: Displays an activity name such as a meeting, reimbursed mileage, hotel/travel fees, etc...

  3. Date: The 'date' confirmed for this paid activity.

  5. Pay: The amount of pay will be prepopulated per your schedule administrator. A negative number can be added if needed.

  7. Date Created: Activity date and time will display when paid activity was created.

  9. Confirmed:(Optional) A 'YES' or a 'NO' will be display. The option can be preset at the level of the activity definition. The preset specifies the confirmation option field when activities are created for providers by an administrator. Providers that create their own activities never need to confirm them.

  11. Locked: A 'YES' or a 'NO' will display indicating if the grace period has past or not. 'Adjustments' can only be made to a paid activity within a current schedule period.

  13. Comment: (Optional) Enter in a description for the paid activity.