Paid Activities

View and record paid activities for inclusion into the payroll.


Add Activity: Record a new paid activity.


Edit Activity: Edit the paid activity currently selected.


Delete Activity: Delete the paid activity currently selected. The activity and the associated pay will be deleted. Click 'OK' to confirm.



  1. Activity: Displays an activity name such as a meeting, reimbursed mileage, hotel/travel fees, etc...

  3. Date: The 'date' confirmed for this paid activity.

  5. Pay: The amount of pay will be prepopulated per your schedule administrator. A negative number can be added if needed.

  7. Date Created: Activity date and time will display when paid activity was created.

  9. Locked: A 'YES' or a 'NO' will display indicating if the grace period has past or not. 'Adjustments' can only be made to a paid activity within a current schedule period.

  11. Comment: (Optional) Enter in a description for the paid activity.