Recall Providers

Show a prioritized list of providers to recall in the case of a disaster.




1. Configure Report: Configure the parameters for the provider recall report. The provider recall list should be configured before it is used.


2. Run Report: Run the provider recall report.


3. Notify Providers: Notify the providers currently selected of the recall via text message.


4. Filter: The providers shown in the recall list depend on the filter specified for the list. By default, the filter is set to exclude providers on leave and providers who have worked a night shift recently, and to include only providers who worked a non-night shift recently or are scheduled for a non-night shift in the near future. Changing the options for the filter changes the list of providers shown in the list.



5. Normal transit time (min): The providers shown in the list are sorted in increasing value of driving transit time. The transit time is determined based on normal traffic conditions based on the address for the providers and the address for the location. If a provider does not have an address on record, the transit time is not computed and the provider is shown at the bottom of the recall list.


6. Export: The providers in the recall list and their contact information can be exported to either excel or HTML using the export feature for the grid in the page.


7. Messages: Independently of the ability to notify providers using text messaging from the recall list, emails and text messages can be sent to providers from the 'Messages' tab.


Note: Since the recall list depends on the address for providers and the ability to send text messaging depends on verified mobile numbers, providers should be encouraged to enter this information in ByteBloc to maximize usability of the recall list.