Schedule Administrator Videos

Scheduler portal & Revision screen


Create schedules and new versions
Here you can add new schedules using a monthly or weekly schedule frequency, adjust start & end dates of the schedule period, create multiple versions as needed, add/remove providers from the version, and update version information.


Version Summary
Here you'll be able to generate summary statistics of shifts and hours providers for current version of the schedule. You can access the Summary screen from any version within the Scheduler portal. The Adjustments report is available from the Summary screen. Downloads can be exported to an HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Change shifts, reset format, print options, and select sites
Here you can adjust shifts on any day, week or month, update new Display/Print Settings changes, modify your print options, and alter shifts/sites to view all or less while working in the revision screen.


Provider Settings and Shift times
Here you can update Provider Settings and Shift times within any version in the revision screen.


Requests Part One
In this video, you can access and enter in requests for providers, and view/download provider comments from the revision screen.


Requests Part Two
In this video, you can mark multiple days off at once, change availability, request to work specific shifts, and access location notes from the revision screen.


Requests Part Three
In this video, you can review requests, approve/deny requested on shifts individually or in bulk, and approve/deny workload requests within the Requests version. You also have the option to export the workload requests, too.


In this video, you can create a new working revision from a version to access the Automation section within the navigation menu to automate a schedule.


Highlight providers in revision screen

Highlight providers in revision screen
Here you can view 2 providers schedules at once, shift preferences, maximize the calendar in the browser while working on your schedule, add provider & scheduler comments, view individual schedules, and max in a row shifts.