Add/Edit Holidays

Add Holiday: If you wish to add a new holiday click the 'Add Holiday' button to create a new holiday definition within the 'Manage Holidays' screen.



1. Holiday:Select the Holidays in bulk.


2. Adjust for weekend: If fixed date holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the day they are celebrated may be changed to the nearest weekday instead, with a Saturday holiday celebrated on Friday and a Sunday holiday celebrated on Monday. If this is the case for a holiday you are entering, check the 'Adjust for weekend' check box.


3. Shift type: To select 'All shifts', 'No shifts', or 'Subset shifts', simply click on the radio button adjacent to the shift name. The default selection is 'All shifts'.




Edit Holiday: To change the name of an existing holiday or shifts, click on the check box of a holiday and select the 'Edit Holiday' button within the 'Manage Shifts' screen. A 'Holiday' window appears containing the current information. Edit the name for the holiday, up to fifteen characters in length, then you can update the 'Holiday shifts'.