Add/Edit Holidays

Add Holiday: If you wish to add a new holiday click the 'Add Holiday' button to create a new holiday definition within the 'Manage Holidays' screen.



1. Holiday:Select the 'Holiday' from the drop down menu.


2. Display name: Enter in a title for the 'Holiday'. This field is optional.


3. Comment: The default 'Comment' is a brief note about the holiday, shown only on the 'Manage Holidays screen. This is used by the Scheduler to indicate the 'US' or 'Can' designation of several of the predefined holidays (such as Memorial Day and Victory Day) that have different names but have an identical date in different countries. Comments are used only in the 'Manage Holidays' screen and are not printed on the schedules.


4. Adjust for weekend: If fixed date holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the day they are celebrated may be changed to the nearest weekday instead, with a Saturday holiday celebrated on Friday and a Sunday holiday celebrated on Monday. If this is the case for a holiday you are entering, check the 'Adjust for weekend' check box.


5. Shift type: To select 'All shifts', 'No shifts', or 'Subset shifts', simply click on the radio button adjacent to the shift name. The default selection is 'All shifts'.




Edit Holiday: To change the name of an existing holiday or shifts, click on the check box of a holiday and select the 'Edit Holiday' button within the 'Manage Shifts' screen. A 'Holiday' window appears containing the current information. Edit the name for the holiday, up to fifteen characters in length, then you can update the 'Holiday shifts'.