Edit Version

Edit the purpose, description, title, and open and close date for the version currently selected. ByteBloc supports extending the request open and close dates and time. If you need to unlock your requests schedule, you can open it up within the 'Edit the information for the schedule version' window.



1. Version purpose: There are 4 versions to choose from: 'Working revision', 'Requests', 'Draft', and 'As-scheduled'





Working revision: This version allows you to continue working on the schedule without the providers having access.


Requests: Publish the schedule for providers to enter in their time off due to vacation and other obligations.


Draft: Post the schedule to review a proposed 'Draft' schedule before the schedule is finalized.


As-scheduled: Publish the up to date schedule for providers to view, make schedule changes, and adjust hours.


As-worked schedule: Current changes made by providers and administrators. The 'As-worked' schedule is usually the latest version of the schedule.


Adjusted As-worked schedule: Changes were made to the schedule assignments after the grace period has expired for the 'As-worked' version of the schedule. The changes are usually done by an administrator (e.g., for payroll purposes) and the administrator wants to preserve the 'As-worked' schedule without the changes applied. If there is no need to preserve the schedule without the changes, then the changes can be made directly to the 'As-worked' schedule without creating an 'Adjusted As-worked' schedule.


2. Version description: This is a required field. Enter in a title. You can name it whatever you want.


3. Day types: The day types that match days in a schedule version are available from the version info screen.



Draft, Requests, and As-scheduled versions



1. Title shown to providers: This is an optional field. You can change the title from the default to anything you want. Schedule titles specified by schedulers supersede the default system generated titles in the 'Master' schedule tab and the master schedule printouts.


2. Introduction displayed to providers:The introduction is displayed on the web and mobile apps. The introduction is not included in printouts.




Conflicts: When publishing a schedule revision as either 'As-scheduled' or 'As-worked' conflicts that may exist in the revision are shown by type. There are assignments that conflict with either shift relations, requests, or bias settings. Assignments of providers to shifts marked as disliked and assignment sequences that exceed the maximum number of shifts in a row are included in the conflict section of the schedule version information screen.



3. Publication: Enter in the 'Opens/Closes' dates and time. This is based on your preference. You can set it to a week or more.





Resend publishing notification: Publication notifications can be resent to providers and support staff.



4. Publication email subject: This is an optional field. A custom subject can be specified for email messages informing providers of the publication of a schedule. If no 'publication subject' is defined, the standard 'publication subject' will be used in the publication notification emails.


5. Publication email note: You have an option to add a note to the 'Draft', 'Requests', and 'As-scheduled' email message. An unlimited amount of text can be entered for the 'publication note' included in publication email notifications.