Scheduler Portal

Administrators can access schedules, reports, shifts, and provider settings all in one page.



Add: Create a new schedule.


Manage: Publish requests, draft, and work schedules to providers, and manage the description and title for schedule versions.



Availability: Export all the provider off request in tabular format.


Hours: Generate a summary of worked and scheduled shifts at some or all of the locations in your group.


Shifts: Export scheduled shifts in tabular format

Summary: Generate a 'cumulative summary' of shifts and hours for providers spanning a customizable period of time.


Customize schedule

Manage Shifts: Manage all available shifts.


Shift Relations: Manage how your shifts relate to each other.


Manage Day Types: What days of the are your shifts used?


Manage Categories: Manage summary categories


Manage Holidays: Manage Holidays


Manage Providers: Manage provider settings


Manage Cycles: Manage Cycles


Print Settings: Specify how should your shift be printed.


Display Settings: Specify how your shifts should be displayed.


Title & Key: Manage schedule title & key settings


Notifications: See current notifications regarding any schedule changes or system announcements. A notification is added upon login for users with the 'edit all' privilege when there are pending schedule changes that need to be reviewed.