Scheduler Portal

Administrators can access schedules, reports, shifts, and provider settings all in one page.



Add: Create a new schedule.


Manage: Publish requests, draft, and work schedules to providers, and manage the description and title for schedule versions.


Print: Schedules can now be printed by location, date range, active or inactive providers, and can include shift and hours. The printout will be generated with your current print options. It will be sent via email when it becomes available.


Daily Agenda: Displayed in the 'Agenda' as default are the scheduled shifts for today's date. You can look at prior and future dates by using the back and forward arrows. A calendar is also available to pick a date.




Availability: Export all the provider off request in tabular format.


Hours: Generate a summary of worked and scheduled shifts at some or all of the locations in your group.


Shifts: Export scheduled shifts in tabular format

Summary: Generate a 'cumulative summary' of shifts and hours for providers spanning a customizable period of time.


Customize schedule

Manage Shifts: Manage all available shifts.


Shift Relations: Manage how your shifts relate to each other.


Manage Day Types: What days of the are your shifts used?


Manage Categories: Manage summary categories


Manage Holidays: Manage Holidays


Manage Providers: Manage provider settings


Manage Cycles: Manage Cycles


Request Restrictions: Define days when off requests are restricted


Print Settings: Specify how should your shift be printed.


Display Settings: Specify how your shifts should be displayed.


Title & Key: Manage schedule title & key settings


Notifications: See current notifications regarding any schedule changes or system announcements. A notification is added upon login for users with the 'edit all' privilege when there are pending schedule changes that need to be reviewed.