Email notifications



Email reminders: Select a number of days in advance that you would like to receive an email reminder of your scheduled shifts. For example, select '5 days before' to receive a daily email reminding you of all shifts you are scheduled to work for the current date and the subsequent 5 days. The 'Weekly' option if you want to receive a once a week email reminding you of your scheduled shifts for the upcoming week. Select 'Never' if you do not want to receive any reminder emails.

Do not send options: Choose as many Do not send options as you prefer.






Swap meet advisories: The 'Swap Meet' lists shifts that are available for rescheduling. Select a check box to indicate when you want to be notified of these available shifts. Note that Swap Meet 'Urgent Swap Meet proposals' cannot be suppressed.


Note: An opt out for notification of closed 'Urgent Swap Meet Proposals' is available in the user options screen.




Note: If there are no shifts assigned to the provider for the days included in the period covered by reminder, the email reminder notification is not sent.