Swap Meet

Here all available and unscheduled shifts will be listed for everyone to see. These shifts have been made available to anyone who can work the shift and is willing to take the shift, trade for the shift, and/or split the shift.


*Please note that you cannot add shifts to the 'Swap Meet' from this screen. Also, this screen doesn't show shifts offerings that providers have individually proposed to other providers.



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Shift: The shift name and location name will be listed.


Date: Displays date the shift is available to pick up.


Time: The start & end time is shown for the shift.


Provider: A provider name will be recorded if they're scheduled for the shift. If the shift is empty, it will display with no provider name.


Availability: Type of change will be take, trade, split, and unfilled. Urgent will be recorded if the provider selected this option.


Comment: This is an optional field. A reason why the provider wants to switch shifts.


To take a Swap Meet shift:






To decline a Swap Meet shift: