Payroll and reimbursement


1. Confirmation and edit of shifts and hours worked:

2. Warn of active providers who are at risk of Medicare decertification (for US users only): MediCare may deactivate billing privileges of a provider who has not submitted any Medicare claims for 12 consecutive calendar months. Select the number of months after which a warning will be displayed when a schedule is published containing a provider who has been active in ByteBloc without being scheduled for a shift.


3. Notify when a split shift is scheduled that contain excess worked hours: Shifts split between more than one provider can contain overlapping hours, resulting in more scheduled hours than in the original shift. These extra hours are not captured by Overtime calculations. Select this option if you wish to be notified by email when a split shift is scheduled that contain excess worked hours. All administrators with 'Receive admin emails' will be notified.


4. Employee attestation: Some locations require providers to attest (i.e., certify) their worked hours for each schedule. When this option is selected, a work attestation tool is available within the master and individual schedules for each provider that allows the providers to certify their hours. Providers who have not attested of their hours are sent reminders email for several days after the expected attestation date has passed. Attesting to work hours consist in agreeing to a formal attestation statement defined in this screen. As such, attestation of hours is distinct from confirmation of hours which does not involve such a statement.