Provider Availability Report

Export all the provider off requests in tabular format.



  1. Locations: Lists all 'Locations' within your group.

  3. Report period: Select your 'schedule range' period first and then click on dates included to pick the specific date from the calendar popup.

  5. Rows: Track one of the following selections to be sorted by 'Providers' or 'Dates'.

  7. Off days: Specify between 'Full days off' or 'Any shift off'.


  9. Off types: To track time off, specify 'Cycle off', 'Need off', and 'Wish off' or one or the other.

  11. Off reasons: (Optional) If the 'Off reason tracking' is enabled from the 'Admin' tab > 'Edit Location' screen > 'Provider requests' tab, this option will display. Track the following Admin, CME, Personal, Vacation, Custom 1, and Custom 2 off reasons.

  13. Include itemized requests: In addition to the provider availability matrix, the availability report now includes itemized requests. The itemized requests are available when option 'Include itemized requests' is selected in the report options screen. The itemized requests are added to the excel report as a tab named 'Itemized requests'. It includes the 'Request on' shifts as well as 'Need off', and 'Wish off' sorted by shift and day.
  14. Include a timestamp for each request(Optional) Include a 'Timestamp' of the date and time of the request.



  15. Active providers only: Views only 'Active' providers.