Provider requests


1. Request Reminders: Select the number of days in advance that a reminder should be sent to providers who have not yet submitted requests. An email will also be sent to you containing a list of these providers. You may elect to send multiple reminders by using more than one reminder option.


2. Show other requests: For each day of the schedules, display the number of providers who have already requested shifts off in that day in the 'Shift Requests' and 'Future off Requests' screens.

Consider only 'off all day' requests when counting the above: The option specifies the type of requests that are counted toward the limit defined for the total number of need off requests. When the option is selected, only shift and time off requests that encompass the entire day are counted. When the option is not selected, need off and cycle off request for either specific shifts or the entire day are counted.


3. Maximum number of days off per provider per schedule: The maximum number of days off allowed per schedule period is enforced when defining future off requests. For locations with non-monthly schedules, the number of days off allowed is prorated per month. Shifts marked as 'Need off' as a result of the 'Shift off prior to day off' rule *are* counted *when* the 'off-all-day-only' option is *not* selected. Only 'Need off' requests are counted toward the total. All days when a provider is off as a result of at least one need off request. Days when a provider is off as a result of their 'Can't do' settings but for which they do not have 'Need off' requests are not counted toward the limit.


4. Do NOT allow changes to prescheduled shifts in request schedules: You, as the schedule administrator, can preschedule providers for specific shifts when publishing request schedules (for example, you may want to preschedule holidays). Providers can normally remove themselves from prescheduled shifts. If you tick this option, only schedule administrators with edit privileges will be able to remove prescheduled shifts. Please note that this option affects ALL prescheduled shifts, including cycle scheduling.


5. Show the names of pre-scheduled providers: The prescheduled provider's name will be viewable within the schedule.


6. Assignment requests: Request for assignments to shifts by providers can be disallowed at the level of a location. When requests for assignments to shifts are allowed, request conflicts (i.e., requests for the same shift by different providers) can be either shown to or hidden from the provider.


7. Allow 'Times off' request: The 'Requests Times off' feature is useful for entering requests for provider who work at 1 location or multiple locations. You can use this feature to indicate the times that you need off at all locations, and these times will determine which shifts are considered off at each of your work locations.


8. Allow providers to request a specific workload: Providers can change the number of shifts or hours requested for their request schedule. This option is available within the 'Shift Requests' menu.


9. Show daily request summary when editing schedule versions: The inclusion of daily request summaries in the schedule version screen can specified. Red numbers correspond to the off request (number of providers with either cycle off, need off or wish off requests) for the day. Green numbers corresponds to the number of assignments request (request on) to shifts for the day.


10. Future off requests: Support with long term schedule planning (such as coordinating summer vacation times), ByteBloc can allow providers to enter off requests up to five years in advance. If you do not want this feature available, uncheck this check box.


11. Off reason tracking: (optional) Track the following Admin, CME, Personal, Vacation, Custom 1, and Custom 2 off reasons.


Providers may have different reasons for being unavailable to work a shift. For example, providers may need off to attend a CME course, perform administrative duties, or take a vacation. These reasons are referred to as Off reason tracking in ByteBloc. If you want to keep track of one or more reasons why shifts are being taken off, you can select the Off reason tracking selections that you desire to track from the list or create up to two custom reasons. The selected reasons off can be used to create summary categories in the 'Manage Categories', and ByteBloc will automatically generate the requested statistics.


Example: You want to know the number of shifts that providers have taken off because they are on vacation. If you have selected Vacation as a Off reason from this window and 'marked shifts off' as vacation shifts, you can create an Off Vacation Shifts summary category using the 'Manage Categories' screen. When you 'retrieve a schedule', 'create a schedule', or 'perform a cumulative summary', ByteBloc will automatically summarize the number of shifts that each provider has taken off and indicated Vacation as the reason for being unavailable to work.


You can create up to two additional Custom Reasons off (such as medical or teaching) if your needs are not met by the standard choices. Once you have entered these selections and return to the 'Manage Categories' screen, you can create summary categories that incorporate the selected Reasons Off, such as 'Off CME Shifts' or 'Wish Off Vacation Shifts'.