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ByteBloc Software was founded over two decades ago by an emergency physician to help other emergency medicine physicians and providers with their scheduling needs. Since then, ByteBloc has adapted its software to accommodate thousands of variations in emergency rooms schedules.

With an emergency room physician as the creator and overseer, the software is tailored specifically to meet the many and complex facets of scheduling the work for emergency providers. ByteBloc software has been implemented by emergency rooms in all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and several other countries. ByteBloc was the top-rated physician scheduling software in a review done by ACEP's Section of "Computers in Emergency Medicine".

The ByteBloc software is also easily adaptable to the scheduling needs of groups outside of emergency medicine.

Happy customers

"I have been a ByteBloc fan for years. The ByteBloc customer support team shines. They provide high quality, personal, attentive, effective, impeccable service that far exceeds my expectations. Would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to create workable customized schedules for their group and easy to use payroll information. You will have the best customer support you have ever experienced."
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Clients in all 50 US states and Canada

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Scheduling software advanced features

For the schedule administrator

  • Posting of up-to-date schedules online
  • Full control over schedules through advanced features
  • Automated gathering of on/off and future requests
  • Staging of provider requests and shift balancing
  • Payroll reports with multiple pay structures
  • And many more scheduler features »

For the provider

  • 24x7 Online access to personalized schedules
  • Mobile apps to view agenda and enter requests
  • Enter requests for shifts, time on/off & vacation
  • Manage availability, requests, and confirm shifts
  • Swap-meet for available shifts and splitting of shifts
  • And many more provider features »

Mobile apps for your phone

Emergency medicine one of the most complicated physician scheduling specialties

Emergency medicine is an extremely challenging area of medical expertise where no two days, and arguably no two hours, are ever the same. It’s essential to have a full complement of medical staff and specialist physicians scheduled to work at all times, so all eventualities and emergencies can be tackled by people qualified to do so. In terms of shift scheduling complexity by specialty, physician scheduling in ER departments is one of the most ...
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