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Emergency Providers Scheduling System Features

Powerful customizer and scheduler

Our newly designed web scheduling system is very powerful and makes customizing the schedule very easy. Once the system has been configured to your specifications, creating a schedule becomes as easy as pushing a single button.

The ByteBloc scheduling system simplify schedule creation, schedule management, and generation of accurate payroll information, allowing the automation of your scheduling from beginning to end.

Flexible schedules with a variety of day types

  • Flexible 1 month, multi-week, or 1-15 week schedules
  • Allow the use of shifts abbreviations for easy viewing
  • Define your shifts (e.g. Day, Night, Swing, Call, Weekends)
  • Define what days should be counted as weekend days
  • Ability to change shifts on a slow day to match a busy day
  • Highly adaptable with a wide variety of schedules

Shift relationships and shift classifications

  • Allow for provider cycle scheduling
  • Automated shift relationships to avoid consecutive shifts
  • Tracks relationships between same or consecutive day shifts
  • Classify shifts as Prefer, Desire, Dislike, or Conflicts
  • Create up to 15 different models for shift relationships
  • Record desired shifts, sequence of shifts, shift types, etc.

Multi-location schedules with advanced features

  • Simultaneous, coordinated schedules across all locations
  • Highly customizable summary statistics by sites or providers
  • Print schedules that have the appearance of a calendar
  • Customize the print layout, fonts, and pages
  • Payroll support for categories and rate variations
  • and many many more advanced scheduler features...

Up-to-date live online and mobile schedules

  • 24x7 Online and mobile access to personalized schedules
  • Maintains an accurate and up-to-date live schedule
  • Coordinated schedules for providers in multiple locations
  • Automatic notification of the publishing of schedules
  • Reminders through email and text messaging

Sharing of information, documents, and messages

  • Synchronized calendars across multiple devices
  • Notifications of changes to current and future schedules
  • Publish important notices as memos and comments
  • Sharing of information via a document repository
  • Detailed cumulative summaries available at any time

Requests for shift on/off and future time off

  • View shift availability and requesters
  • Online requests of shifts, time off & vacation
  • Recording of shift preferences as need off, wish off, etc.
  • Entering future shift requests and confirming requested shifts

Swap-meet and shift change proposals

  • Allow providers to split, trade, or give away shifts
  • Swap-meet for a centralized listing of shifts
  • Downloading of as worked schedule for payroll reporting
  • Perform all function online or using our mobile native apps
  • and many many more advanced provider features...

We are constantly enhancing our scheduling system and adding new features to make your life even easier

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