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New features -- December 2016

Posted on 12/15/2016 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news
  • A notification is added upon login for users with the 'edit all' privilege when there are pending schedule changes that need to be reviewed

  • An address can be defined for both sites and locations. The addresses are included in the calendar feeds to enable the displaying of travel route recommendations and travel time estimates by mobile devices.

  • The need for schedule change proposal owners to perform a final acceptance of the responses made to their proposals can be set to three different levels: Always -- responses to a proposal always require acceptance by the proposal owner before they become effective; Proposals with multiple possible assignment changes -- responses require acceptance only when the proposal can result in more than one actual schedule assignment change. For example, a proposal posted to the swap meet can result in multiple assignment changes since multiple providers may respond to the proposal. This type of proposal requires acceptance of the preferred responses before it become effective. Conversely, a give proposal to a single provider can only result into one change and does not require acceptance if this option is selected; Never -- responses to proposal never require acceptance by the proposal owner. Under this option, the first provider to respond to a proposal is guaranteed that their response will be translated immediately into a actual schedule change.

  • Privileges can be managed across locations in the manage privilege screen

  • Both the overview master and individual schedules in the mobile applications show the shift assigned to the current provider. Either the shift name or both the shift name and start and end time are shown depending on the screen for the mobile device.


  • Fast navigation to the schedule adjacent to the current schedule is available in the mobile app.

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