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New features -- May 2017

Posted on 5/15/2017 by ByteBloc in category: scheduling software news
  • The text in the free form key can be styled using the rich text editor

  • The formatted and free form schedule key can be displayed from a tool in the master, individual, and request schedules

  • Notification about unfilled shifts can be sent to administrators of a location before the shift is scheduled to start

  • All published schedules can be accessed from page for the 'Link to the master schedule' using the schedule selector.

  • When the provider primarily assigned to a shift calls in sick, the master schedule displays the name of the provider working as replacement for the primary provider.

  • PDF for schedules can be sent to support staff with the 'view schedules' privileges and to users with the 'administrator view only' privilege at the request of the location administrator

  • PDF for schedules can be sent to recipients who do not have an account with ByteBloc

  • Message attachments can be downloaded by clicking on the attachment icon in the message table

  • Master and personalized schedules can be downloaded in iCal format

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