Bias for Summary Categories

Manage 'bias' applied for provider for summary categories.




Copy Biases: 'Copy' all the provider biases from one provider to another.


Clear All: 'Clear all' the provider biases for every active provider. You'll be prompted with a message 'Are you sure you want to clear all?'.


Short term bias - 'Bias' entered from the 'Summary' screen of an individual schedule variant applies only during the current scheduling session. 'Short term bias' entries are useful for adjusting scheduling in the current schedule.



Max. changes allowed: Allows you to restrict the number of changes that can result from prohibit biasing by a provider. This is located in the 'Summary' of the revision screen. Select any number from 1 to 9 using the back and forward arrows within the Max. changes allowed column. This number represents the maximum number of changes is allowed to make to the provider's schedule during the next automation of the schedule revision. This setting can be applied to the highlighted provider by clicking "Apply" or select "Apply to all providers". 



Changes last revision: The number of how many revisions occurred in resolving conflicts in the most recent schedule revision and may not equal the actual number of revisions made to a provider schedule. newly retrieved schedules, this value is zero.