Define Paid Activities

Define activities available to provider that result in additional pay. Once the configuration is set up, providers can enter in their activities within the 'Payroll' tab.


Example of paid activities:




Add Paid Activity: Define a new paid activity for providers


Edit Paid Activity: Modify the paid activity currently selected


Delete Paid Activity: Delete the paid activity currently selected. The paid activity will be deleted. Click 'OK' to confirm.




  1. Title: Displays a meeting, reimbursed mileage, hotel/travel fees, etc...

  3. Active: A 'YES' or a 'NO' will display indicating if the paid activity is active or deactive.

  5. Grace period: (Required field) A number will display indicating the grace period days.

  7. Max. occurrence: A number of occurrences will display if it is limited.

  9. Fixed amount: If this option is selected, a currency fixed pay displays.

  11. Rate unit: A 'rate unit' to measure one of the options such as hours, miles, kilometers or pay amount will be presented.

  13. Pay per unit: A 'pay per unit' number will be shown.