Payroll Portal

Administrators can configure, define pay categories, provider rates, paid activities, generate payroll summaries, download, and delete. Versions of the payroll for a pay period can be saved and retrieved on-demand.


Configure payroll

Configure Payroll: Define the payroll options at the current location.


Define Categories: Define the pay rate categories for the payroll.


Define Provider Rates: Defines the rates that apply for each provider for the pay categories.


Define Paid Activities: Define activities available to provider that result in additional pay.


Specify Bonus: Specify bonus pay for specific shifts.


Generate and manage payroll

Generate Payroll: Generate the payroll corresponding to a schedule.


Paid Activities: View and record paid activities for inclusion into the payroll.

Download Payroll: 'Download' the version of the payroll currently selected. An Excel spreadsheet or Comma separated values file will automatically download.


Custom Export:Export payroll data for a custom date range.


Delete Payroll: 'Delete' the version of the payroll currently selected. The deletion cannot be undone.


Show personal payroll: Users who can manage the payroll and are also providers can toggle to the payroll portal page to show their personal payroll information.




  1. Pay period: Shows the schedule period for the payroll summary.

  3. Date Created: A time stamp of the date and time will be listed.

  5. Created by: An administrator name will be shown in this column.

  7. Published: A 'YES' or a 'NO' will display indicating if the payroll summary was published to the providers or not.

  9. Details: (Optional) An optional code can be included with the title of the payroll summary.

  11. Comment: (Optional) Enter in a description or a name for the payroll summary.



Note: If payroll is published and a new payroll for the same period is generated and published, this new payroll is added to the system and the previous payroll is no longer considered published.