Future off Requests

To help with long term schedule planning (such as coordinating summer vacation times), ByteBloc allows providers to enter off requests up to five years in advance. Select the 'Provider' tab > 'Future off Requests' to access this screen. Future off Requests is transferred to the 'Shift Requests' screen when the associated request schedule is available.

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Note: 'Future off Requests' for prior schedules can be retrieved in the Future off Request 'View List' (tabular view). From the view, a report for the requests is available through the use of the table export tool.


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Optional: If required by your schedule administrator, you can make your 'Need off' and 'Wish off' requests for the day more specific by holding down the appropriate letter key before clicking the date; 'A' for admin, 'C' for CME, 'X' for personal, 'V' for vacation and click the menu at the same time.