Provider Portal

You can access your individual and master schedules, shift requests, future off requests, proposals, summary data, and swap meet shifts all in the 'Provider portal'.



Shortcuts to your individual and master schedules. All available schedules will be listed in the 'Provider portal'.


Clock In: (Optional) Clock in to start recording hours for the shifts assigned to you.


Summary: Data will be calculated and displayed for all of the current summaries available with your worked shifts only. If your schedule administrator allows access, the 'Summary' tool will be available for you in the top menu.


Daily Agenda: Displayed in the 'Agenda' as default are the scheduled shifts for today's date. You can look at prior and future dates by using the back and forward arrows. A calendar is also available to pick a date.


Notifications: General information about the system. If the notification is higher than 0, there will be a notification to read.



Shift Requests: Here you can enter in your time off due to vacations or other obligations in the current schedule request. This information is entered using the 'Shift Requests' feature.

Future off Requests: To help with long term schedule planning (such as coordinating summer vacation times), ByteBloc allows providers to enter off requests up to five years in advance. Select the 'Provider' tab > 'Future off Requests' to access this screen.



My Proposals: All of your proposals will be recorded for you to accept, decline, and withdraw from proposals in the 'My Proposals' screen.

Swap Meet: Here all available and unscheduled shifts will be listed for everyone to see. These shifts have been made available to anyone who can work the shift and is willing to take the shift, trade for the shift, and/or split the shift.


Notifications: See current notifications regarding any schedule changes or system announcements.