Viewing privileges


1. Allow view-only privileges for the location to ALL providers at the selected locations: In addition to the schedule for a primary location, the 'Main tab' can include assignments for other locations. This option grants read only access to the main schedule of other locations to all active providers at the current location (i.e., the location that corresponds to the current screen). Primary location corresponds to the location selected in the group and location selector at the top right of the screen. Inclusion of the 'Main' schedules in a read only manner for related locations is supported even when the start and end dates of the schedules differ across the locations.


The data for any location other than the primary location is read only (i.e., cannot be modified) in the main schedule. Read only locations are set through the viewing privileges set in the location screen. The viewing privilege are specified from the location(s) to be shown as read only and granted to the primary location. Availability of the schedule for read only location is subject to the publishing rules currently in place for all locations.


The daily agenda in the desktop and mobile apps includes the assignments for the read-only locations specified for the current location.


Assignments can be selected for a chosen provider in the read-only main schedule.



2. Allow highlighting of another provider's schedule: Select this option to allow your providers to highlight shifts scheduled for another selected provider simultaneously with their own scheduled shifts in the main schedule. It is accessed from the tool bar right of the provider selector.



3. Allow providers to see summary statistics of the shift and hours relevant to them: You have the ability to allow providers to view their own statistics or not. Check the check box to turn this feature on. The 'Summary' option will be located in the 'Provider portal'.