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New Features -- February 2021

  • The schedule API can provide schedule data in either XML or JSON format
  • The printout of schedules automatically fills the full height of the page for single page schedules
  • In the revision screen, a menu is available from provider names in the statistics table that allows the selection of providers in the calendar

  • The time of day when routine emails such as schedule reminders should be sent is configurable

  • In the lock / assign dialog, all unassigned shifts can be selected by clearing all providers in the provider filter

New Features -- January 2021

  • Providers can be added or removed to schedules based on their membership to provider groups

  • Providers can be included in a schedule based on their membership to provider groups when a new schedule is created

  • Schedule keys, if any, are available in the mobile app

  • General administrator comments can be suppressed in individual schedules

  • The open date when publishing a schedule version can be set to "now"

  • The hours for a pure adjustment provider are populated initially automatically based on the uncovered portion of the shift

New Features -- December 2020

  • Ranges of identical days in day cycles can be defined in bulk

  • Providers can suppress the comments from their scheduler in the schedule reminder emails

  • Locations can be configured such that all requests for time off are specified with an associated reason

  • The high, medium, and low priority workloads defined for a provider are set to zero automatically when the total workload for the provider is set to zero

  • In tables that contain shifts, the short name for the shift is available as a tooltip

  • Weekend days in calendars can have a different background from non-weekend days

New Features -- November 2020

  • The daily agenda in the desktop and mobile apps includes the assignments for the read-only locations specified for the current location.

  • The location option "Suppress notifications sent for urgent proposals that are not user-directed" suppresses email and text notifications corresponding to the closure of urgent non-user directed swap meet proposals

  • The rounding of shift statistics can be customized at the level of a location

  • When creating a new provider, the provider print name and external identifiers are automatically populated based on the values set for the providers at other locations within the user group.

  • An end date can be specified after which a day cycle no longer applies to a provider

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