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New Features -- June 2020

  • The periods for the provider statistics provided in the schedule revision screen can be customized

  • Forward and back buttons are available to navigate between schedules in the master tab

  • Copies of non-directed schedule change proposal messages are sent to the owner and the creator of the proposals

  • The password typed in the login page can be shown

  • In the assignment requests section for the day request annotation, the requests for shifts not included in the current version are grayed out

  • When editing the hours for a shift, the as-scheduled hours can be copied to the as-worked hours

    New Features -- May 2020

    • Locations may have an unlimited number of shifts

    • Time off and future off requests can be set to allow assignment to shifts that start at the end or end at the start of the requests

    • Sick providers are listed in the master schedule with their name crossed

    • Adjusted as-worked hours for shifts are displayed next to the name of the provider assigned

    • The reason for the adjustment of as-worked hours is displayed in the shift detail popup

    • The daily schedule includes scheduler comments for each location

    New Features -- April 2020

    • The minimum length for password is 12 characters.

    • Password change notifications are sent to all of the email addresses on record for the user changing their password.

    • User are notified via email when their profile changes.

    • A virus and security threat check is performed on uploaded files

    • The occurrence of shift end times on days subsequent to the shift start times is indicated in schedule changes

    New Features -- March 2020

    • Categories that count shifts can optionally include pure adjustments assignments

    • Users can record an avatar profile picture from the "options" screen in the mobile apps

    • User can sign in using their Apple account

    • The schedule history includes hour changes

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