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New Features -- May 2023

  • The confirmation of hours through the clock-in and clock-out functions can be enabled at the level of individual locations

  • In the mobile app, right and left swipe gestures within the date panel trigger navigations to the next or previous calendar or day, as appropriate. The gestures are equivalent to using the right and left arrows in the panel.

  • The number of active shifts is listed for each day type

  • In the daily agenda in tabular layout, users with sufficient privileges can edit shift assignment through a menu item

New Features -- April 2023

  • The "select all" and "select none" icons are available in the shift preferences tab for the provider settings screen and the shift preferences columns for the provider information screen

  • A tooltip is available for the shift dependency codes shown in the schedule day view when specifying a trade

  • Providers can be allowed to request specific workloads for the total, high, medium, and low priority shift categories, as well as specify their preferred weekend preference

  • Shift assignment requests can be approved or denied in bulk for a given provider

New Features -- March 2023

  • Holiday shifts can be counted by weekend categories rather than by holiday categories. This option can be set at the level of holiday for the location or at the level of holidays in specific schedules

  • The login screen for the mobile app allows requesting a biometric authentication when allowed by the device.

  • The number of shifts and hours are available in the shift request screen for prescheduled shifts and assignment requests

  • Categories that include multiple days of the week are supported

New Features -- February 2023

  • A sample start date can be specified when creating a day cycle

  • An option is available at the level of locations that ensures that email reminders are sent to providers for assignments within one day of the current day

  • The profile picture, if any, can be cleared from the profile page in the browser

  • In the shift request and the revision screens, a range of shifts can be requested as need off, wish off, or available by pressing the Shift key before selecting the second shift in the range


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