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New Features -- May 2021

  • A report listing the users who have accessed a message published through the "Messages" tab is available

  • The options selected for the hours, shifts, availability and summary reports other than the applicable time range are defaulted to the last used value.

  • The occurrence of monthly cycle can be set to every month, specific months within a quarter, specific month within a year, or based on a recurring number of months.

  • A monthly cycle can be set for every occurrence of a day of the week

    • The automatic posting of unassigned shifts in the swap meet can be suppressed

    New Features -- April 2021

    • Links displayed in ByteBloc (e.g., calendar feed links) can be copied to the clipboard

    • In read-only public schedules, the ability to change to period of time displayed in the schedule can be suppressed

    • The shifts report is available for schedule working revisions

    New Features -- March 2021

    • Comments can be specified for any shift

    • Shift comments can be available to all who have access to the master schedule

    • Shift comments can be shown below shift assignments

    • In the master schedule, shift comments can be edited by using the shift menu

    • In the schedule revision screen, shift comments can be edited from the shift detail popup

    • User can suppress notifications for urgent swap meet proposals

    New Features -- February 2021

    • The schedule API can provide schedule data in either XML or JSON format
    • The printout of schedules automatically fills the full height of the page for single page schedules
    • In the revision screen, a menu is available from provider names in the statistics table that allows the selection of providers in the calendar

    • The time of day when routine emails such as schedule reminders should be sent is configurable

    • In the lock / assign dialog, all unassigned shifts can be selected by clearing all providers in the provider filter

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