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New Features -- November 2020

  • The daily agenda in the desktop and mobile apps includes the assignments for the read-only locations specified for the current location.

  • The location option "Suppress notifications sent for urgent proposals that are not user-directed" suppresses email and text notifications corresponding to the closure of urgent non-user directed swap meet proposals

  • The rounding of shift statistics can be customized at the level of a location

  • When creating a new provider, the provider print name and external identifiers are automatically populated based on the values set for the providers at other locations within the user group.

  • An end date can be specified after which a day cycle no longer applies to a provider

New Features -- October 2020

  • An auto-correct option is available when editing shift Display and Print settings that removes conflicts automatically

  • Text notifications are suppressed when a user replies "Stop" or "Unsubscribe" to a text notification

  • The statistics shown along side the schedule in the revision screen can be customized from the provider settings and provider information screens

  • Provider paid activities can be entered in bulk by users who can manage the payroll

  • Notifications for swap meet proposals can be delayed based on the membership of provider to provider groups

New Features -- September 2020

  • Support for password apps in the login screen is enhanced

  • The formatting of data exported to excel includes line breaks when appropriate

    • The revision screen includes an error message when shifts are part of the revision that are hidden due to the current display settings

    • When using the "confirm all" option in a schedule, the list of shifts that are confirmed is displayed

    New Features -- August 2020

    • Day types can be created for days of the week that have no shifts associated with them

    • The format for provider names in reports can be specified. A default format is defined at the level of locations.

    • When message recipients are providers, the providers to include are displayed by provider group.

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