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New Features -- January 2020

  • The external IDs for providers are included in the staff export to excel

  • Provider statistics for the current schedule and the prior 3, 6, 9, and 12 months are available. The workload targets and the deviations from the targets are included in the statistics table.

  • Holidays can be added to a location in bulk

  • The month code can be displayed for each day in calendars for schedules of any duration

  • Unassigned shifts can be highlighted in printouts

New Features -- December 2019

  • Scheduler comments can be managed in bulk in the revision screen and provider comments can be managed in bulk from the shift request screen. Bulk comment support includes the creation of comments over a range of days, the copying of comments from prior schedules, and the deletion of comments over a range of days.

  • Administrators can filter the list of providers in the "my proposals" screen can be filtered by location

  • The schedule publishing options for a provider group can be copied to all provider groups

New Features -- November 2019

  • The timestamp applicable to requests for time off and to assignment requests is shown as a tool tip in the request detail popup. In addition, the name of the user who made the request is shown in the tool tip for users with administrative privileges.

  • The day corresponding to the daily agenda can be selected from a calendar popup

  • Individual schedules can be generated in bulk and sent in a single document from the print screen in the scheduler portal

New features -- October 2019

  • Details related to the conversion of need off requests to wish off requests are available in the shift request screen and the future off request calendar.

  • Payroll detail information can be included payrolls. The details are pre-populated for each saved payroll.

  • Custom details can be added to saved payrolls

  • Accounts can be set to use a two-factor authentication login

  • Cycle off requests can be included in the availability report

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