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New Features -- November 2023

  • A tool is available in the revision screen that highlights selected shifts and provides statistics for the shifts

  • In the revision screen, the provider category detail shows the numeric value for workload targets set as '%' or '='

  • A comparison of the total payroll amount and hours with payrolls for the prior pay period and the corresponding pay period in the prior year is available on the payroll screen

  • The activity status of user accounts can be set to a range of dates for each location

New Features -- October 2023

  • The portals show the end date for schedules with durations other than one month

  • An email message informs providers when their future off requests are approved, denied, or ignored

  • The Juneteenth holiday is available for inclusion in schedules

  • An option is available to constrain the difference between shift as-scheduled and as-worked hours to a minimum value

New Features -- September 2023

  • The cumulative summary statistics can be segmented by date range

  • Access control options are available for the editing of shift comments

  • An option is available that allows providers to add themselves as pure adjustment providers for unscheduled shifts

  • Inclusion of the unassigned shifts to the swap meet can be controlled at the level of sites

New Features -- August 2023

  • Providers accepting or rejecting a schedule change proposal addressed to them can include a comment with their response

  • Proposal owners denying the acceptance of one of their proposals by a provider can specify a comment. The comment is included in the proposal withdrawal notice sent to the provider.

  • The timeline view version of the daily agenda includes a grid line for every hour of the day

  • Cycles can generate wish-off requests in addition to need-off requests

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