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New features -- February 2019

  • The grace period that applies before schedules are locked can be set to up to 60 days after the end of the schedules

  • Schedules can be printed as PDF documents for a range of dates and for specified providers

  • The filters available to lock or assign shifts in bulk include individual shifts in the revision screen

  • Shifts can be assigned in bulk using the "Lock / Assign" tool in the revision screen. Additionally, shifts that are assigned based on cycles can be either included or excluded from bulk assignments.

  • The number of shifts that will be impacted by a lock, unlock, assign, or unassign bulk operation is displayed prior to the operation being applied

    New features -- January 2019

    • Limits for the maximum number of need off requests per day and the maximum number of need off request per schedule can be specified at the level of provider groups

    • Users can suppress schedule change notifications send to them when only hours are changed and the providers assigned remain the same

    • Custom tags can be defined and applied to shifts

    New features -- December 2018

    • In email messages detailing schedule changes, the print names assigned to the providers involved in the change is included when the providers' print name differs from their last name

    • In the payroll module, withheld pay can be computed as a percentage of gross pay

    New features -- November 2018

    • The trade summary calendar includes the short names of the shifts available to trade and their current assignment

    • The time range for pure adjustment shift assignments is always displayed in the master schedule

    • Push notifications for important events such as shift reminders are available for android and iOS mobile devices
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