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New features -- November 2018

  • The trade summary calendar includes the short names of the shifts available to trade and their current assignment

  • The time range for pure adjustment shift assignments is always displayed in the master schedule

  • Push notifications for important events such as shift reminders are available for android and iOS mobile devices

New features -- October 2018

  • Columns containing pay details can be collapsed in the payroll export

  • The hours report can be grouped by schedule

  • In the schedule revision screen, the schedule can be changed using forward and back buttons

New features -- September 2018

  • Provider speed can be displayed in the schedule revision screen. Conflicts resulting from concurrent assignment of fast providers or slow providers to speed sensitive shifts are highlighted.

  • In the revision screen, the shift detail popup includes provider speed information

  • Notifications for unassigned shifts are sent to all users with privilege 'receive admin emails'

  • Schedule change proposals can be automatically accepted by certain providers. This option is set often for placeholder providers such as the 'ANY' provider.

  • Payrolls can be generated from an ad-hoc date range

  • Itemized extra pay is included in the payroll


  • A notification is displayed in the master and request variant when some shifts are hidden from the user

New features -- August 2018

  • Provider groups can be disabled. When a provider group is disabled, the providers in the group are not included in new schedules. Additionally, the schedule cannot be published to providers in disabled groups.

  • The provider list can be filtered by any combination of provider groups

  • The search function in the provider list and the staff list can retrieve providers and used based on a provider group name

  • The "My proposals" screen can display proposal in either list or calendar format

  • Proposal for available shifts can be displayed in the "My proposals" screen when the screen is in calendar format. The available shifts shown match those listed in the swap meet. The option to show available shift is a persistent user preference.

  • Future off requests for prior schedules can be retrieved in the future off request tabular view. From the view, a report for the requests is available through the use of the table export tool.

  • The filtering criteria to lock, unlock, and clear assignments in the schedule version screen include a range of dates

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