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New Features -- June 2022

  • Day cycles allow schedule one shift from a set of shifts

  • Creating, editing, and deleting paid activities can be restricted to users with the 'Manage payroll' privilege

  • The 'shift times' utility includes the ability to specify the short name for the scheduled shifts affected by the shift time change

  • The description for the calendar feed entries includes rich formatting when viewed in the Google or Outlook calendars

  • Providers can opt out of rich text formatting for feed event descriptions. The descriptions will then be formatted as plain text.

New Features -- May 2022

  • Free-form keys can be added to the daily agenda

  • A changelog for shift and assignment changes is available in the schedule revision screen

  • The standard name of shifts are listed in the provider payroll detail screen for shifts that have custom names

  • Providers specified in a certified split proposal that includes a segment of the shift in the swap meet are rescheduled immediately upon the saving of the proposal.

New Features -- April 2022

  • A limit is available for the number of need off shifts that a provider can request within a schedule

  • Reference to administrators within messages sent to providers can be limited to only the point of contact for the location

  • The payroll includes a warning when some shifts are configured to be excluded (i.e., unpaid)

  • The confirmation of shifts in bulk can be performed within a custom date range

New Features -- March 2022

  • The number of custom reasons when requesting time off is increased from 2 to 4

  • The tool 'All Need Off' can be included or omitted in the shift request screen

  • The 'shifts' report can be accessed directly from the revision screen

  • The 'hours' report can be accessed directly from the revision screen

  • Messages can be sent as push notifications

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