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New features -- June 2019

  • An API REST service is available that provides worked hours details for a given period of time

  • Monthly cycles can be limited based on the position of the month within the quarter

  • The providers selectors in the schedule revision screen lists the providers by provider group

  • The user search includes a criteria for the first name

New features -- May 2019

  • The future off request grid includes the reasons chosen by the providers when creating the requests

  • Future off time can be requested for a portion of a day based on a time range

  • A reason can be specified when creating a time off request

  • The color of the text for shift tags can be specified

  • When a shift is newly configured, the display format of the shift and its inclusion in the schedule key can be determined automatically based on the shift start time. Additionally, the shifts can be added to the desired day types and schedules.

New features -- April 2019

  • In the provider information screen, cells with invalid value are highlighted upon save

  • In the master calendar, the context menu for shifts is available from both the name of the shift and the name of the provider assigned

  • In the schedule revision screen, assignments can be highlighted when hovering over a provider name in the schedule or the shift detail popup

  • The print name of inactive providers can be modified

  • In the shifts report, the hours worked by providers are indicated when they differ from the hours for the shifts

  • The shift report configuration includes an option to either include or omit hours worked from the report

New features -- March 2019

Mobile notifications for upcoming shifts are available 8 hours and 12 hours before the start of the shift in addition to the notifications available previously. In addition, notifications can be defined for custom times.

  • The conversion of future off requests from 'need off' to 'wish off' is indicated in the future off request calendar as part of the tool tips for the requests

  • The start and end dates for schedules can be changed from the manage schedule screen

  • The lock date can be set up to 90 days after the end of a schedule

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