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New features -- October 2019

  • Details related to the conversion of need off requests to wish off requests are available in the shift request screen and the future off request calendar.

  • Payroll detail information can be included payrolls. The details are pre-populated for each saved payroll.

  • Custom details can be added to saved payrolls

  • Accounts can be set to use a two-factor authentication login

  • Cycle off requests can be included in the availability report

New features -- September 2019

  • Tables and reports can be exported in CSV format

  • The cumulative summary can be generated for shifts with specific tags

  • Shift tags are shown in cumulative summary tool tips that itemize shifts

  • Shifts tags are shown in the hours report for locations that utilize shift tags

  • The detail pay for a provider can obtained by double clicking on the row for the provider in the payroll summary pay grid

  • Pay rates categories can be based off either as-worked or as-scheduled hours

  • The payroll module can be configured to allow the generation of payrolls as soon as an as-scheduled schedule is available without an associated as-worked schedule

New features -- August 2019

  • A filter for the days of the week is available for the cumulative summary report

  • A filter for categories is available for the cumulative summary report

  • Two identifiers are available that can be assigned to providers. The identifiers are displayed in the daily agenda and may be  included in payroll reports.

  • The generation of payrolls can be conditioned on the approval of the final hours for schedules.

  • A tabular report of the changes made to a schedule is available in the schedule changes screen

New features -- July 2019

  • Wish off request can be included when enforcing the number of days off that a provider may request in a schedule period

  • For the purpose of enforcing of the number of days off per provider and schedule period, days off can be defined based on a minimum number of hours

  • The maximum number of assignment requests made per provider per schedule can be set at the level of the location or at the level of individual providers

  • The ability to request assignments to specific shifts can be specified on a per-provider basis

  • Logging in to the application through Google is available

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