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New Features -- April 2024

  • When a new user account has an activity start date, the account creation notification sent to the provider is delayed until the start date is reached

  • The notification sent to providers upon publication of a work schedule can be suppressed at the level of provider groups

  • The publication notification for request, draft, and work schedules can be resent to a provider group

  • A support staff privilege is available for receiving email notifications when unassigned (empty) shifts are assigned

New Features -- March 2024

  • An option is available that specifies if request statistics (count of need-off requests and shift assignment requests) are included in printouts of schedule versions

  • A shortcut is available in the iCal download dialog to go to the calendar feed setup

  • The display of privileges for users can be limited to the current location or expanded to include all locations for the current user group

  • Clock-in and clock-out require confirmation

New Features -- February 2024

  • The summary data format (Hours & Shifts, Sums & Targets, Sums & Percents) for a schedule revision is pre-selected to the last user-chosen format

  • The hours report notes can include the day comments from the providers

  • The minimum number of days a provider should be available based on their workload can specified

  • Some settings related to limits for requests are automatically inherited from the location to provider groups and providers

New Features -- January 2024

  • An option is available for schedule change notifications that triggers the sending of notifications when any active provider is included in the change

  • The mobile app version 3.6 is available of iOS and Android devices

  • Users can record an emergency contact in their profile

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