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New Features -- January 2023

  • The daily agenda can be shown based on a timeline

  • Limits for shift and time off requests can be specified at the level of individual providers

  • Schedule change notifications sent to users with the support staff "Receive schedule changes" can be restricted based on the providers involved in the change

  • An option is available that suppresses schedule change notifications sent to a user when the user was the originator of the change

New Features -- December 2022

  • Messages disseminated as emails can be sent as either one email per recipient or as a single email directed toward all of the recipients

  • The bonus pay for a shift can be split among the providers assigned to the shift

  • The maximum number of weekend days off per schedule can be limited

  • An option is available that limits the locations shown in the daily agenda to match the "view-only" privileges

New Features -- November 2022

  • When deleting a category, another category can be substituted for all dependent data

  • Assignments can be selected for a chosen provider in the read-only master schedule

  • The availability of future off requests can be controlled at the level of provider groups

  • The select sites popup allows selecting or unselecting all shifts with a site with a single click

  • The complete list of shifts contributing to statistics is available in the cumulative summary in a scrollable popup by clicking on the cell displaying the statistics

  • Version 3.4 for the mobile app is available. The version includes a technology refresh and security enhancements.

New Features -- October 2022

  • The abbreviation for the day of the week can be included for each day in the master schedule

  • Access to the definition of substitute shifts is available from the shift list

  • Shifts for a given day can be switched to a new day type from the master schedule. The assignments for the shifts are transferred automatically to the new shifts based on shift substitutions.

  • Providers with pay for overlapping shifts are listed on the 'generate payroll' page

  • Users who can manage the payroll and are also providers can toggle to the payroll portal page to show their personal payroll information

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