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New Features -- January 2022

  • In the request calendar, tooltips are available that detail the reasons provided for shifts requested off

  • Reasons specified for off requests are including in the availability report when the report is set to itemize requests

  • The "request assignments" privilege for providers can be assigned from the provider screen

  • An expander list of genders if available in user profiles

  • Providers assigned to shifts for read-only locations In the master schedule can be selected

New Features -- December 2021

  • Sites and shifts can be hidden from providers who are marked as "Can't do" for them

  • Shifts can be assigned through drag and drop in the revision screen

  • An option is available for the hours report that includes clock-in and clock-out information in the report

  • The availability report can include a timestamp for each shift request included in the report

  • The ability to assign shifts in the revision screen through drag and drop can be disabled

New Features -- November 2021

  • The mobile app supports bio-metric (finger print and face id) authentication

  • The shifts report can be configured such that the cells in the report contains the dates for the shift assignments

  • Schedule reminders can be suppressed when there is no assigned shift for the last day of the reminder period

  • A legend is available for the scheduling easiness metric tool ("hot spots") in the schedule revision screen

  • The day types that match days in a schedule version are available from the version info screen

New Features -- October 2021

  • The master tab printouts can include the locations shown as read-only in the schedule

  • Assignment highlighted in the master schedule are also highlighted in the daily agenda

  • An option is available that allows providers to attest to their work after the lock date for the attestation period has passed

  • For location that have a twice-monthly payroll, an option is available that requires providers to attest to their work only once per month

  • Time off requests can be created by schedule administrators from the schedule revision screen

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