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Does your employee healthcare schedule maker have these features

Posted on 8/13/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Would you like to maintain a smooth-running daily operation in your healthcare facility, especially in the volatile and dynamic environment we’re faced with today? Do you want to avoid the day-to-day struggle of filling last-minute shift changes in order to meet your changing patient loads? Perhaps you want to evaluate the flexibility of scheduled workers in order to maximize coverage and fill various positions or provide front-line shift leads a view of worker availability and scheduling needs in real-time.

Most healthcare facilities want things like this. With physician scheduling software, you can easily streamline your employee healthcare schedule process. But, not all are created equal. Does your shift scheduling software have these features?

1. Updated Live Mobile and Online Schedules

With emergency medicine scheduling, you should have round the clock mobile and online access to personalized schedules and have the ability to maintain an up-to-date and accurate live schedule. Your physicians should receive automatic notifications each time the schedules are published and reminders through text and email messaging.

2. Strong Scheduler and Customizer

Scheduling software should make it very simple to customize the schedule. Once you configure the system to your specifications, you can create a schedule with just the push of a single button. You'll want a scheduling system that simplifies schedule management, schedule creation, and generation of correct payroll information which will allow you to automate your scheduling all the way through.

You’ll also benefit from a healthcare schedule maker that enables you to be flexible in defining shifts, such as swing shifts, weekends, on-call shifts, weekly, multi-weeks, or monthly schedules as examples.

3. Shift Classifications, Relationships, Request and Swaps

With this feature, it:

• Enables physician cycle scheduling
• Tracks relationships between consecutive or same-day shifts
• Automates shift relationships for avoiding consecutive shifts
• Creates various distinct models for shift relationships
• Classifies shifts as Desire, Prefer, Conflicts or Dislike
• Records sequence of shifts, desired shifts, shift types and more
• Enables online requests for shift swaps or changes, while also allowing healthcare providers to trade or split shifts.

4. Multi-Location Scheduling with Advanced Features

Doctor scheduling software should coordinate simultaneous schedules across all areas and allow for an extremely customizable site or doctor summary statistics. It’s easy to schedule many doctors across multiple hospitals or practices. You can also customize fonts, print layout, and pages and print schedules that have the look of a calendar.

These are only some features of a highly effective physician scheduler. Other features include the minimization of errors, reduction in time spent preparing schedules, and the integration of payroll reporting. A healthcare schedule maker solves your pain of scheduling enough staff while staying compliant. It evokes fairness and harmony into your scheduling efforts and outcomes. It also empowers your team to have the ability to focus on what really matters - your patients.

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