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Features of the best doctor schedule software
Posted on 1/16/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Healthcare organizations are constantly investing in their doctors and other medical staff members, but, the tools available to them for managing how these healthcare providers are scheduled often don't take their work complexity into account. At ...
The challenges of being an emergency medicine physician and how ER scheduling can help
Posted on 1/9/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
While television’s portrayal of the emergency room is accurate when it comes to the drama, it rarely depicts the intense pressure faced by emergency physicians. Yes, medical providers that work in this department of the hospital are often faced with ...
Take into account these factors when implementing rotating schedules for health care providers
Posted on 1/2/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Working in the healthcare industry requires a lot of balance. It's fast-paced and involves round-the-clock responsibility. Caregivers run from one location to another to provide care to their patients, nurses seem to always be on-the-go and ...
Best holiday physician scheduler tips
Posted on 12/19/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
While the holiday season is a time to be joyous, it can also be stressful and overwhelming for hospital administrators and the staff. Perhaps the biggest challenge that administrators and schedulers face is creating a fair yet efficient winter ...
The ever increasing importance of physician assistant scheduling software
Posted on 12/12/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
According to a research brief published by the Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI), a nonprofit organization, many people are opting out of primary physician care. Instead, they are relying on medical care administered by nurse practitioners and ...
Four reasons its time to replace antiquated spreadsheet schedules for medical scheduling software
Posted on 12/5/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Operating a medical facility is far from an easy job. In fact, you’re responsible for ensuring that patient demand is met as well as the needs of your team. Perhaps the most stressful part of managing a hospital or doctor’s office is the process of ...
Why medical practice directors need MD scheduling software
Posted on 11/29/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
How much time do you tend to spend each week creating schedules for your medical physicians? No doubt, developing physician schedules that meet the demands of your facility as well as accommodate the needs of the employees and patients can be a ...
How hospitalist scheduling software improves the typical day of a hospital physician and scheduler
Posted on 11/21/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Hospital schedulers play a crucial role in the operation of a medical facility. After all, they are, at least in part, responsible for the patient experience from the time of admission until the time of discharge. In addition, they coordinate with ...
Five tips to improve shift scheduling using a cloud scheduling system
Posted on 11/14/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Searching for ways to make your emergency medicine scheduling more effective? The efficient operation of a healthcare facility is largely dependent upon scheduling the right medical providers on the right shifts so that the staff is productive and ...
Best practices for using a physician schedule maker
Posted on 11/7/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Ever wonder what’s behind the smooth running of a medical facility? What many people don’t know is that the quality of service of a doctor’s office or emergency department is heavily dependent on physician scheduling. Physician scheduling is so ...
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