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ER scheduling software technology benefits

Posted on 6/15/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
As the scheduling manager for an emergency department, you know how difficult the task of creating schedules can be. Trying to ensure that the needs of patients and your staff are met, while making sure that all shifts are covered and that the schedule is as fair as possible can be quite stressful.

Thanks to ER scheduling software, though, your job can be made a whole lot easier. Emergency medicine scheduling software provides a number of benefits that not only simplify the job of a scheduling manager, but also improve job satisfaction for your staff, and improve the operations of your emergency department. While physician scheduling software offers an array of benefits, here’s a look at some of the technological advantages of this software.

24/7 Access

Because shift scheduling software is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That means that your staff can see their schedules, wherever they may be; they can find out what shifts they have been scheduled for, make shift swap requests, and make requests for time off. And, as the scheduling manager, you can easily view any changes that your staff has asked for, and approve or deny those changes.

Maintains an Up-to-Date Schedule

When shift swaps happen, or you need to make an adjustment to the schedule, your staff can stay abreast of any changes. Shift scheduling software is always live and up-to-date, which means that your staff will never have to wonder when they are working, or if their requests have been approved; and you’ll never have to worry if you’re going to be left without coverage.

Coordinated Schedules

Do you write schedules for physicians who work in multiple locations? If so, this adds another challenge to your job. It can be difficult to coordinate schedules for doctors who work in different locations, but with physician scheduling software, you can easily coordinate schedules for multiple locations.

Automatic Notification

Another technological perk of ER scheduling software is the automatic notifications that it provides. Once a schedule is published, this software will automatically notify everyone who has access to it. Additionally, should someone put in a shift swap, or ask for a day off, you will receive a notification, which will make your scheduling efforts more effective. Reminders via Email and Text Messaging

Is it time to create a new schedule? Do you have to find coverage for a shift? Shift scheduling software sends reminders for such things via email and text messaging, which means that you can stay on top of the schedule, and provide your staff, and your emergency department, with the best scheduling possible.

It’s Web-Based

Since emergency medicine scheduling software is web-based, you only need a browser to use it. The schedules can be accessed from any device that has a web browser, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. That means you can access the software from your iPad, iPhone, or android device.

As a scheduling manager for an emergency department, your job is to create schedules that ensure the needs of the patients, and your staff, are met. The technological benefits of emergency medicine scheduling software can improve your scheduling efforts, and ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

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