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FAQ for ByteBloc emergency physician scheduling software

Posted on 4/13/2022 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Below are some of our most common questions users inquire about with regards to ByteBloc scheduling software.

Does ByteBloc have a mobile app?

Yes, ByteBloc released its native smartphone app in January 2016, for both Android and iOS platforms. It allows users to shift schedules with ease, especially emergency medicine scheduling.

Can ByteBloc work across multiple devices?

Yes, the ByteBloc physician scheduler can work across multiple devices and locations. As long as the device is connected to the internet, the user can receive firsthand, coordinated updates of schedules and tasks.

Does ByteBloc automate physician scheduling?

Of course. The ByteBloc software offers automated shift relationships to prevent successive shift scheduling, replete with automatic shift settings which help maintain and record certain scheduling options. This software also generates new shifts in very little time.

Does ByteBloc offer notifications and reminders?

Yes. ByteBloc offers timely reminders on all platforms (iOS and Android) through text messaging and emails. It sends these notifications once the physician scheduling software updates.

Does ByteBloc offer a shift request feature?

Absolutely. Once the software is updated and current, you can send in your shift requests as soon as possible, should emergencies arise. You can also send in a shift request ahead of time for future events like vacations and time offs. Users have to confirm requested shifts after they have been updated on the software.

Does ByteBloc provide a general information-sharing platform?

Yes, it does. Important documents such as memos and slips can be shared on the ByteBloc software. All calendars are synchronized minute by minute, and each shift schedule and shift change notify each user.

Does ByteBloc track and record statistics?

Affirmative. This aspect is highly customizable. You can create the statistical conditions yourself, and the system begins to churn out records per time, minute, hour, or day.

Is the ByteBloc scheduling system customizable?

Yes. The ByteBloc shift scheduling system can be customized in many different ways. You can change and edit shifts and preferences.

Does ByteBloc software offer payroll features?

It sure does. The ByteBloc shift scheduling system offers different kinds of payroll features, such as rate systems and categories for each user and staff. You can download a concise work report of each user to compare with payroll systems.

Does ByteBloc offer shift swap features?

Yes, it does. Users can trade, reschedule, and swap shifts as much as they want, including their emergency physician schedule.

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