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Features of the best medical scheduling software in the market

Posted on 1/24/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

For scheduling physicians, the process of creating the schedule is much different than it is with other professions. Doctors often have extremely hectic schedules as they try to see as many patients they can each day, who need their help to feel better. And in the medical specialty, emergency departments are the most demanding to schedule because of their 24/7 staffing requirements and high burnout rate of their clinicians.

When it comes to your physician scheduling, you need to address things like:

- Patient flow fluctuations
- Preferences of all the doctors and other staff
- Staff shortages
- Overcrowding
- Physician burnout
- Vacation, weekend and holiday preferences

Emergency medicine scheduling software is designed to handle the busy and high-pressure environment of emergency departments. It takes the struggle out of creating the schedule and helps you quickly create a schedule that's accurate but fair. With that said, below are some features of the best medical scheduling software for 2018.

Automated Schedule Creation

Medical scheduling software is configured to meet the individualized rules of your group. This includes:
- Assignment restrictions and correlations
- Staff availability
- Specialization needs
- Scheduling targets
- Scheduling priorities

The software auto-populates an error-free schedule by taking all your rules into account. You have advanced reports and tools at your disposal to ensure the schedule is fair before you publish it. Basically, the software makes your schedule process efficient, fast and fair.

Multi-Node Scheduling

This is where the shift scheduling software can schedule multiple physicians across numerous facilities. Each facility can view the different blocks of time each physician is available to ensure correct scheduling. Physicians across multiple facilities can also manage their different schedules all on one platform conveniently.


Physician scheduling software has certain features that make customizing simple. Create multiple schedules on one platform by having the ability to add additional sheets. You can color code the schedules for easier organization and reading. Send a link to all parties to share files for viewing or editing. And, since the schedule is set up automatically to view or edit across different platforms easily, you can even take it home with you to work on it or anywhere else you are through your smartphone or tablet.


Most importantly, physicians should have the ability to execute their own schedule and manage their own shifts without having to rely on you, IT personnel or administrators to take care of simple things for them.

Last but, not least, the physicians software platform should have outstanding customer support, testimonials and long track record of success. Giving physicians and other staff easy tools they can implement right at their fingertips can help save them time and encourage more productivity. When they're able to manage their schedules effectively with the necessary tools, it makes their lives easier and when the doctors are happy, the patients are happy.

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