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Five complexities hospital scheduling software helps to simplify

Posted on 9/20/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Having to coordinate schedules and staff members can be very complex. It takes a lot of effort to determine what person you should assign a certain shift to and which time is appropriate. The time and energy it takes to manually come up with a hospital schedule can be exhausting and it leaves too much room for error.

But, every healthcare organization has to face this challenge of managing the staff schedule and making sure all open shifts are filled. When the schedule is maintained efficiently it helps ensure your hospital runs smoothly and that all patients are taken care of properly.

However, there are many complexities that go into hospital and emergency medicine scheduling that ends up wasting a lot of resources and time such as:

1. Manually Typing in Each Entry

You're probably used to physicians and other healthcare staff calling you constantly to learn what their schedule is going to be like for the week. As you're laboring over filling each shift, you constantly have to ask them to be patient. With shift scheduling software, you don't have to go through this anymore. Rather than having to type each entry out manually, you can now easily point and click to fill the shifts.

2. Effective Communications

Do you find yourself having to handle work requests through a chain of emails? Do you have to find subs through a phone tree? Now, with hospital scheduling software, you can receive updates such as workload increases and availability changes in real time. It takes efficient communication across your entire organization to ensure better productivity.

3. Overtime Monitoring

You also have the risk of staff going over the 40 hour work week. You have to account for time split between various locations and departments. And, you can't seem to escape paying overtime. Being able to standardize timekeeping processes and records can take away this burden and control costs better.

4. Accessible Physician Contact Information

With physician scheduling software you can keep your physician's contact information in an online folder in an organized fashion. So, if you have over 100 or more employees that you need to contact, you can simply type in their name to search and save yourself the time of having to go through the contact list to find a certain physician.

5. Saving More Money

Sure, you may think that if you're paying money for a new software program, how can you be saving money? Scheduling software calculates labor costs automatically on a daily or weekly basis while you're creating the staff schedule making it easier for you to budget accurately for the year. You'll also be saving countless scheduling hours during the week so you can concentrate on other important tasks.

If you haven’t yet begun to utilize hospital scheduling software, now is the time to look into all the benefits it can offer your organization, your staff, and your patients.

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