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How a physician scheduling program benefits your healthcare system

Posted on 7/24/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Shift scheduling programs can help transform your scheduling system. This software automates the process of on-call and clinical staff schedule creation, management and publication across all departments, service lines, specialties and locations of care, solving the complexity of the scheduling job.

Benefits of a Physician Scheduling Program

A scheduling program for physicians can benefit your healthcare system in the following ways:

1. Consolidates Your Schedules

Emergency medicine scheduling programs consolidate your health system's hundreds of schedules onto one centralized platform. This helps reduce cumbersome interfaces and manual processes. You can use this software to manage hundreds of on-call and clinical staff schedules in one centralized environment, simplifying your scheduling. When you implement a physician scheduling program for your organization, it enables greater scheduling access and cross-team communication. This benefit is especially helpful if your healthcare system operates within a multi-location platform where physicians work at multiple sites.

2. Automates the Scheduling Process

A scheduling program becomes your single source for team and individual schedules. It's updated with permission-based access in real-time and is published down to provider level. You can build correct schedules based on your policies and rules to:

- Ensure you're meeting staffing quota
- Equally distribute on-call assignments
- Ensure the right doctor is staffed in the proper place at the right time

3. Mobile Access

Shift scheduling programs provide an integrated mobile experience for every clinical user and includes integration with their choice of calendar application (iCal, Outlook or other platforms).

4. Time Tracking

Scheduling software allows your staff to conveniently clock in or log their time right from their desktop or smartphone, eliminating the need for expensive hardware installation or handwritten timecards. For the scheduler, it enables simple time punch geo-verification, integration with numerous leading payroll systems and enforcement of group time punch rules and policies. You'll have the ability to evaluate the requirement for timecard adjustments quickly by flagging various time problems, including things like:

- Late arrivals
- Missed punches
- Early arrivals
- Non-geo-verified punches
- Excessive duration
- Unplanned punches

5. On-Call

Physician scheduling software streamlines communication for all healthcare staff across your organization and improves access to on-call schedules by acting as the only source of truth. It's always current and accessible so your physicians and other staff members know who's on call, allows you to contact them easily, improves doctor satisfaction, reduces expense and time and improves patient safety.

As you can see, there are many advantages to implementing a physician scheduling program, especially if you are using antiquated or manual scheduling methods. Contact us here at ByteBloc to learn more.

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