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How doctor scheduling software improves medical practices

Posted on 1/27/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Physician scheduling continues to be a problem for medical practices of all shapes and sizes. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, physician schedules are only being spread thinner. This makes it more important to get shift scheduling and emergency medicine scheduling for physicians, physicians assistants, and nurses right. Doctor scheduling software can help with that in the following ways and more.

Automatically Helps to Meet Union and Government Regulations

Countless time, effort, energy, and money can be lost in the quagmire of regulations set forth by the government and unions when it comes to physician scheduling. It’s true, these guidelines exist for the good of the physicians, patients, and the practice, but they can be a bit of a challenge to work into the schedule of a medical facility with what often feels like more demand of medical professionals than supply.

Builds Schedules around Physicians Shift Preferences

While this might sound a little too good to be true, the truth is that physicians that work the shifts they prefer to work are happier. Happier physicians are less likely to burn out or move on. More importantly, it allows physicians to accommodate the schedules of their private practices and their emergency medicine rotations without feeling like slaves to either. Work life balance matters for physicians today and scheduling software ensures that most physicians are able to have that balance – to some degree.

Provides Mobile Access to Schedules and Changes

Schedule changes happen. It’s important that when they become necessary, the physicians in question are notified promptly of the changes so they can make arrangements accordingly. Mobile access and notifications is the perfect way to go. Alerts can go out anytime schedule changes are made and only to the physicians affected by those changes. It makes the entire process simpler and more agreeable to all parties.

Reduces Labor Costs for the Practice

It pays to have adequate coverage for all medical shifts. This includes on-call scheduling to combat emergencies that often arise at the last minute so you can maintain coverage for busy shifts. How does this cut costs? By eliminating the need for costly contract physicians, nurses, and other medical staff at the last minute. It also means that there is adequate medical staff to cover the needs of the shift and that no one falls between the cracks – or that low cost procedures don’t become more costly procedures while people are triaged and waiting to be seen by physicians.

Doctor scheduling software also ensures that physicians aren’t working on overtime pay while others aren’t getting the hours they’re available and willing to work, eases overstaffing by using historical data to ensure proper shift coverage, and reduces human error factors that often result from scheduling physicians and other medical professionals by hand.

Shift scheduling software can make a world of difference for your practice and the physicians it employs. Isn’t it time to see that difference for yourself?

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