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How efficient physician ER scheduling reduces patient wait times

Posted on 10/19/2016 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Using quality physician scheduling software doesn’t just help your medical practice ensure all shifts are covered and that your medical staff isn’t overworked or burned out, it also helps to reduce wait times for your patients. Scheduling software is an effective tool to ensure that you have doctors scheduled on those days when wait times are historically longer, but it also helps you to ensure that you have adequate staff on hand on any “normal” day in your medical practice.

Here is more information about how good scheduling software can help in the waiting room of your ER department or medical practice.

Scheduling Software Lets You Track Important Data

The first thing you can do with your scheduling software to help with patient wait times is to create efficiencies in physician work schedules. Instead of just tracking when your physician's’ work, it lets you track those times when you need to call in more medical staff to cover the large number of patients in the waiting room.

Over time, you can begin to see trends highlighting when the wait times tend to be worse so that you can schedule accordingly in the future. This should hopefully cover the times when you have a lot of patients in your office and reduce those wait times.

It is Easy to Find Doctors to Call for Emergencies

If there is an emergency or trauma in the community and you end up with more patients in your ER waiting room than you were anticipating, you need to call nurses and doctors as soon as possible. Many scheduling software programs offer emergency medicine scheduling, where you see immediately which doctors are on call, but also which doctors have the day off that you might be able to call in during the emergency. This takes out a lot of guesswork about who you are able to call first to come in to the hospital or medical office.

You Are Never Short-Staffed

Being short-staffed is a common reason to have long ER wait times. Perhaps one of your doctors called in sick and you have yet to call in a replacement. Or, perhaps your ER ended up being busier than expected on the first day after a long holiday weekend and you didn’t schedule enough doctors and nurses to come in. Many of these issues are remedied just by having physician scheduling software.

Whether you are using it for shift scheduling, finding a physician for emergency scheduling, or simply wanting to reduce patient wait times, the software can be an integral part of running any medical office, practice, or hospital. Utilize it regularly and train your medical staff and doctors to use it properly so that you get accurate tracking and reporting. It also helps to have a program that works with smartphones so that doctors get notice of needing to come in no matter where they are.

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