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How to convince upper management to invest in ER physician scheduling software

Posted on 8/15/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Medical facilities are often faced with many operational challenges. Whether it’s ensuring that there is enough staff to meet patient demand or the pressure of making sure that each patient receives quality care, the medical field can be intense. Administrative managers who are responsible for scheduling ER physicians have one of the most important jobs in the entire operation.

In this role, quality and quantity are two important factors. Fortunately, physician scheduling software can automate the process.This tool can help administrative managers to create more efficient schedules based on the average patient volume.

How can you convince upper management to consider investing in shift scheduling software for your facility? Here are a few ways:

Educate Management on Physician Scheduling Software

Perhaps the best way to encourage management to incorporate emergency medicine scheduling software is to educate them on the benefits of using this tool. Some of the benefits of automated scheduling software include saving time, improving patient care, wide accessibility, reducing physician burnout, fair scheduling and more.

Tell Them How it Helps Save on Time

Is your medical facility using spreadsheets and emails to create and deliver schedules to physicians? Or maybe you're still posting a handwritten on-call schedule in the employee break room. Implementing scheduling software can cut the time spent creating and distributing schedules. Scheduling software allows you to make employee schedules months in advance and set up text or email notifications of schedule changes.

Let Them Know How It Improves the Quality of Patient Care

Physician scheduling software will help ensure that there is enough coverage especially during times when the volume is high. Automated scheduling software can predict when there will be an influx of patients based on past trends and make scheduling recommendations. When there is sufficient coverage each patient is able to get the best care possible.

Inform Them About Its Wide Accessibility

Imagine no longer having to run around and put a physical schedule in every physician’s hand? Physician scheduling software is based on a web-based browser and it can be accessed at any time and anywhere by employees. This saves on precious administrative time.

Have Them Read Positive Testimonials

Emergency medicine scheduling software has become a popular tool in the world of medicine. You can eliminate any perceived risk by gathering positive testimonials from other physicians and facilities that have benefited from using shift scheduling software.

Administrative managers fill an important role in medical facilities. You can streamline the ER physician schedule making process by using automated scheduling software. The technological benefits are plentiful - and best of all, you will be increasing physician productivity which means you’ll contribute to the good care of patients.

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