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Is it time to replace your outdated ER scheduling system

Posted on 2/24/2021 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Emergency rooms have a lot of responsibility and they're busy so they require an efficient and organized physician scheduling system. There are a few main signs your ER department needs to implement emergency medicine scheduling software. These are:

1. Doctors are frustrated because of outdated schedules, not knowing if they're on call or scheduled to work or spending too much time every week fielding change requests.

2. Patient care is delayed due to staff having to sort out which doctors are on call, because of outdated schedules or because staff are working off of a different schedule. 

3. There's confusion due to outdated schedules being posted, doctors turning into switchboard operators due to other doctors calling in for schedule checks, or doctors receiving double payments because on call shifts can't be reconciled properly by accounting.

4. Doctors are experiencing burnout. The work of ER doctors can be tense and demanding. Couple that with long hours, administrative tasks, like charting, reduced time to spend with each patient, and disproportionate work and life balance, it’s no wonder physicians in the emergency department experience burnout.

Now, even if you're already using shift scheduling software, it might be outdated and incapable of performing the necessary tasks it should be. So, in this case, it's time to replace your outdated ER scheduling software and find software with features like:

• Automated shift relationships for avoiding consecutive shifts
• Allowing for doctor cycle scheduling
• Ability to create different shift relationship models
• Ability of recording sequence of shifts, desired shifts, or shift types
• Ability to classify shifts as desire, prefer, conflicts, or dislike
• Ability to define your shifts (i.e. swing, night, weekends, day, call)
• Ability to change shifts on slow days to match busier days
• Requesting for future time off and shift on or off
• Confirming requested shifts and entering future requests for shifts
• Online requests for time off, vacation, and shifts
• Recording shift preferences

Up-to-date and advanced physician scheduling software will minimize the overhead that typically comes with having to create the schedule manually. It will save you time and ensure efficient coverage.

Once you have the system configured to your exact specifications, it makes it so much easier to create effective schedules with a push of one button. Shift scheduling software will simplify schedule creation and schedule management.

This will make it simpler for your doctors to access the most updated schedules anywhere they're at and at anytime and on any device.

If you’re ready to update your ER scheduling system, contact ByteBloc Software for a free demo.

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