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MD scheduling software for group practices

Posted on 8/22/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Group practices involve two or more doctors who all work within the same facility providing medical care. They use the same staff and split the revenue in a way the group agreed upon previously. A group practice might consist of doctors from multiple specialties or just a single specialty.

Doctors who work in a group practice experience numerous benefits, including:

- Built-in-on-call coverage
- Shorter work hours
- Access to more working capital

These factors can result in less stress. However, along with the benefits of working in a group practice, there are also some drawbacks, including:

- Limits on the ability to grow income rapidly
- Less individual freedom
- The need for a consensus on business decisions

Also, because of the larger number of physicians and increased size of the patient base, the physician scheduling process can become complex.

Fortunately, you can simplify the physician scheduling across your whole healthcare organization with an accurate, fast and centralized shift scheduling software.

First, it's crucial for the healthcare industry leaders to keep on top of the latest innovations and medical advances inpatient care. While they do this, they must also work and stay in compliance to ensure the health, rights and safety of their patients stay intact during their course of care.

The administrative end of your healthcare organization is just as great. The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your organization's emergency medicine scheduling must work together with an advanced and innovative mindset. For you to run an innovative and efficient group practice, you'll need to acknowledge and address any factors impacting your group practice's performance.

When identifying the source of organizational inefficiencies, at the center are:

- Personnel issues
- Physician burnout
- Inaccurate scheduling

While MD scheduling might often seem like a secondary activity to you and your staff, it's often an aspect of your healthcare system that delays processes and can have a negative impact on the productivity and satisfaction of your staff and on your bottom line. Absent orderlies, fatigued personnel, and late doctors are a recipe for disaster and are attributed to scheduling errors more often than not.

And, it doesn't stop at staff and administration either. The issue of scheduling can trickle all the way down to your patients, impacting overall patient satisfaction and level of care. Because of these inefficiencies, it can also lead to a lot of staff turnover. Rather than making your physician scheduling process susceptible to human error, you can automate scheduling to save yourself precious resources and time with shift scheduling software.

Doctor scheduling is a process where the software automatically and algorithmically generates and schedules your staff based on pre-coded constraints and rules.

Benefits of MD Scheduling Software for Group Practices include:

- Distribute work across providers fairly
- Balance patient, provider and organizational needs
- Reduce significant time spent having to build and manage schedules
- Keep your scheduling system organized and simple with an intuitive interface
- Access up-to-date, centralized schedules

With MD scheduling software, you can view doctor schedules quickly by day, week or month. Choose two doctors or other healthcare providers and view their schedules in standard ledger fashion side-by-side using a split schedule view. Have the ability to block times like meetings and lunch breaks so appointments aren't scheduled during these times. And, once appointments are scheduled, the shift scheduling program will update patient lists automatically on the doctors' mobile applications.

Leading healthcare organizations worldwide use dozens of fixed scheduling rules for accommodating many shift change requests every month using scheduling software. From advancing healthcare operations to promoting work-life balance, scheduling programs bring balance to the complexities inherent to doctors scheduling. 

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