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Must have features of MD scheduling software

Posted on 3/1/2018 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Physician scheduling can be quite a challenge for many medical facilities and practices – especially when coordinating shift scheduling for doctors by hand or even using antiquated spreadsheets. And the larger the facility, the greater the challenge. 

But, MD scheduling software can take the burden out of the process, completing in a matter of seconds what once took painstaking hours to accomplish.

Of course, there are certain features you’re going to want in your software whether you’re coordinating emergency medical scheduling or scheduling doctors for a busy private practice. These are some of the must-have features you’ll want to look for when choosing physician scheduling software for your practice.

Mobile Device Accessibility

Today’s doctors are busy people. They are constantly on-the-go. Many of them dividing time between hospitals and private practices – not to mention family and community commitments. The ability to access their schedules via mobile devices of their choosing is priceless as it helps them avoid double booking their time and allows them to access their schedules when it is convenient for them rather than when they are sitting in their offices.

Equitability in Scheduling

There’s nothing quite as frustrating to physicians and other medical professionals than feeling like they are always getting stuck with holiday or weekend duty or the night shift. Equity in the emergency medicine scheduling process helps to ensure rotation of the less desirable shifts so physicians can balance work and home much more effectively. This improves job satisfaction and helps to reduce burnout and turnover.

Tools for Requesting Time Off

End the days of mountains of slips of papers or email requests for time off by using scheduling software that allows physicians one location to deliver their requests for vacation days, appointment times, and other time off. This helps to ensure that no request gets left behind and all requests that can be accommodated are.

Shift Exchanging Features

While you don’t want physicians to be able to pawn their shifts off on some other physician who is unaware of the change of plans, one of the features you’ll want to add involves allowing physicians to exchange shifts with another. This helps relieve the pressure on you to cover these shifts and places the responsibility on the physician to find a replacement for his or her shift when unexpected problems arise.

With the right shift scheduling software for your busy medical practice, you can open up hours of time each week to devote to other important tasks while giving your physicians more control over their schedules than ever before. For you, your physicians, and the entire medical practice, it’s a win-win all around.

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