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Obstacles that physician assistant scheduling software helps overcome

Posted on 5/31/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

The scheduling administrator position is often a challenge in a healthcare or hospital setting. You're in charge of routine physician scheduling that varies in 24/7 shift rotation, including weekends. It requires you to keep track of all the healthcare staffs' schedules and know which ones need to be in the office and which ones to call in for a last-minute emergency.

Common Problems the Scheduling Administrator Faces

There are a number of issues involved with making the schedule including:
- Shift scheduling is time-consuming.
- Doctor's individual availability is hard to remember.
- Scheduling more than several weeks at a time is complex.
- Processing vacation and day-off requests is confusing and slow.
- Managing changes to the schedule is tedious.
- Communicating these changes to the schedule is time-consuming.

Good physician assistant scheduling software helps to solve these obstacles above. Other issues may include:

Not Being Able to Sync Schedule to Certain Devices

One common complaint of the scheduling administrator and doctors is that they can't access the schedule from any device. The employees have to come into the office to access their schedule. With scheduling software, the schedule is web-based which gives everyone online access to the schedule 24/7.

Updating Schedules Quickly is Complicated

There will be times when you must make last-minute changes to the schedule such as when you have an influx of patients who need care and you need to call doctors in or you have a doctor who has to call out sick. Emergency medicine scheduling software allows you to make these changes quickly no matter where you are and send alerts to doctors on call.

Handling Physician Burnout

For an emergency medicine setting, it can become challenging. The very nature of the ER department is erratic and unpredictable. When your schedule involves overtime, long hours and double shifts, even your best doctors can experience burnout. Scheduling software can help you arrange the schedule so it's fair to all doctors and allows for necessary time off.

Not Being Able to Coordinate Multiple Offices

Many medical practices today have offices spread out in a variety of regional and local areas. Doctors often need to rotate their shifts to accommodate working in various offices. Physician scheduling software can help you instantaneously and simultaneously coordinate the schedule across all locations.

You won't solve all your scheduling issues with shift scheduling software, but you'll certainly get a much better handle on the scheduling system by tackling these problems above and other obstacles you face as a scheduling administrator. If you haven't yet looked into physician assistant scheduling software, now is the great time to do so.

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