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Payoffs of using call center scheduling software for physician scheduling

Posted on 10/21/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Call centers today work at lightning fast paces. There’s always something going on inside the average call center which operates for many hours during the day and sometimes the night. Getting the right people to work the right shifts can be problematic especially when taking into account all the other fine details of the shift scheduling process and dealing with physician scheduling or emergency medicine scheduling. That’s why it’s so beneficial to use call center scheduling software as well as all the reasons listed below.

Avoid Over Scheduling

Just as you don’t want to have too few people show up to take a shift, you also don’t want unnecessary or superfluous staff on hand at any time either. It’s easy to make both mistakes when scheduling by hand. Electronic scheduling, however, schedules each shift according to the specific needs of the call volume of that shift.

Better Call Center Forecasting

Software quickly recalls historic data in order to forecast future staffing needs based on anticipated call volume and average handle times for business calls. This means you can more realistically plan for spikes in call center emergency medicine scheduling around billing time or certain holidays or whenever you’ve historically experienced the same thing and the software remembers it for you and plans the schedule accordingly.

Eliminate Unnecessary Overtime

Overtime can be expensive, particularly if it involves physician scheduling. But when shifts aren’t covered properly, vacation days and requests are overlooked, and last-minute substitutions need to be made, the costs add up. Couple that with human errors, like scheduling someone for too many hours in an overtime period, and those costs rise even more. Software helps to eliminate human error and overtime, as well saving the organization a great deal of money.

Empowers Call Center Employees

Perhaps the biggest benefit of call center scheduling software is that it places power in the hands of employees over their schedules. They can requests their paid time off or vacation days on their own time, download their schedules to mobile phones and devices, and check their schedule any time day or night so that they are always up to date. They can even swap shifts electronically – no managers necessary. You can even notify employees of schedule changes as they occur.

Produces Details Reports for Better Decision Making

The software also brings detailed physician scheduling reports to the table to assist you when making important decisions about your staffing needs, such as when to hire new employees or when to scale back the hiring process to avoid cutting hours.

The bottom line is that the call center scheduling software tool makes it easier for you to manage your staffing and emergency medicine scheduling needs in order to meet the demands of your patients, customers, and the needs of your business. More importantly, it takes care of the important task of scheduling in a fraction of the time it takes to make these schedules out by hand freeing up precious administrative time to devote to more profitable activities for your business and taking care of patients.

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