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Quality patient care begins with hospital staff scheduling software

Posted on 11/19/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Quality healthcare is a 24 hour a day commitment on the part of hospitals everywhere. A one and done philosophy when it comes to staffing, scheduling, and shift planning simply won’t get the job done in any hospital environment.

That’s why hospital staff scheduling software to help with everything from emergency medicine scheduling to physician scheduling, shift scheduling, and all points in between is so vital to hospitals and similar healthcare facilities today.

What Does Software have to do with Quality Care?

Providing quality care to your patients is, of course, a substantial concern for every hospital. There is also a distinct need to remain profitable. Profitability, after all, is what allows your facility to make investments into the tools and technology necessary to take your level of patient care to the next level.

Shift scheduling software is one small tool that yields big results when it comes to not only keeping your hospital on budget, but also to creating a more cost-effective environment all around. How does it accomplish such lofty aspirations? By doing all of the following:

  • Reducing scheduling confusion by sending instant updates whenever shifts are made electronically.
  • By ensuring that each shift is covered with the appropriate number of physicians and other staff members.
  • Saving hours of time otherwise lost to communications regarding shift requests, preferences, requested days off, shift exchanges, and vacations.
  • Improving employee engagement by empowering them some degree of authority over their own schedules. This means less turnover, fewer missed shifts, and less time, talent, and dollars wasted training replacements.

Unexpected Benefits of Shift Scheduling Software

While the patient experience and quality of care are critical, there are other benefits you should keep in mind when deciding whether emergency medicine scheduling software is a sound investment for your hospital.

Health care facilities have a delicate balance of nurses, physicians, PAs, nurse practitioners and other professionals who all play necessary roles in the quality of care patients receive. When certain professionals are missing, or there are too many, there can be chaos in the emergency room.

When all the numbers are balanced, things go smoothly. Mistakes aren’t made. Corners aren’t cut. Patients receive just the right level of care to meet their needs and everyone can feel confident about his or her ability to handle the tasks at hand.

When your physicians and professional health care employees feel as though they are responsible for jobs well done, they’re much happier with their employment. This makes them loyal to your facility, and gives them a vested interest in the success of your hospital. This means they deliver better quality care to all patients, without even realizing they’re making the effort.

Hospital staff scheduling software is such a simple solution at first glance. But, it’s a solution that delivers lasting and far reaching results when it comes to saving health care facilities and hospitals money while simultaneously improving the level of care and overall patient satisfaction (not to mention physician satisfaction) with the facility.

Call ByteBloc today to find out what a difference it can make in your health care facility.

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