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Quality patient care starts with a healthcare schedule maker

Posted on 6/6/2014 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
Patient care is essential in any medical practice. Adequate staffing is the cornerstone of the patient care experience in any medical environment. In many facilities, though, staff scheduling is a frustrating and time consuming process.

Most medical facilities have many moving parts that help keep them running fluidly. From orderlies and CNAs to physicians, nurses, and support staff; all roles are critical.

Unfortunately, shift scheduling can be quite challenging in the medical setting because there are so many professionals, needs, and regulations involved. At least, it has been difficult -- that is until now.

Scheduling software makes the job of a healthcare schedule maker much simpler than it’s ever been before. These are just a few benefits of using software custom made for the healthcare industry as it helps with even the demanding role of emergency medicine scheduling.

Provides Appropriate Shift Coverage

This is often a struggle when planning shifts for 100 or so employees who all have special requests, religious and family needs, personal shift preferences, and, in many cases, demanding practices requiring attention in other facilities or fields.

The healthcare scheduling software knows how many people are required to fill each shift, the positions that must be filled on each shift, and the preferences, legal, and other requirements of all employees creating schedules that meet all these needs quickly and effectively.

Reduces Overtime Costs

With so many people working odd hours, it’s easy to miss a shift and schedule someone with overtime hours. Emergency medicine scheduling software crunches those numbers for you and spreads the labor around adequately to avoid scheduled overtime.

Empowers Employees

One of the greatest gifts this software gives medical practices is the empowerment it brings to employees to have the work-life balance they desire. This not only helps improve their performance on the job, but it also helps you with employee retention.

How does software accomplish all that? By allowing employees the ability to control some degree of their work schedules by requesting days off and even, to some degree to trade shifts when necessary, the software empowers them to have the flexibility life sometimes demands to meet family and other commitments outside of work.

Frees Management

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits with shift scheduling via software is that it’s a much faster process than doing it by hand. A process that once required hours, if not days or even weeks, can now be completed in a matter of minutes. This frees management to engage in other activities that bring value to the patient care experience.

The bottom line is the staff scheduling is one of the key components for delivery of quality patient care at every turn. If your goal is to improve the patient experience, then staffing is the perfect place to begin. Software makes the process easier.

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