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reasons to switch to an automated emergency physician schedule

Posted on 12/13/2017 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Time is among the most valuable assets to doctors and nurses in an emergency department setting. Therefore their work schedules need to meet both their needs and their patients without all that extra stress.

Physicians know the challenge with this all too well — it's challenging to keep a balance between work and their personal life in the chaotic world of medicine, particularly when they often deal with life and death situations of the emergency room. And since one individual is typically in charge of the emergency physician schedule, and there are hundreds of nurses and doctors, it can pose even more challenges.

To improve the balance between work and life, particularly for staff members who have families, healthcare organizations need to make that extra effort to keep a more organized schedule. When physicians have an unpredictable work schedule, it not only affects productivity and patient care, the stress that results can also impact doctor's time negatively with their family as well.

Reasons to Use Automated Physician Scheduling

There are many reasons why you should use automated shift scheduling software.

Benefit from Easy to Use Analysis Tools and Scheduling Software

Physician scheduling software provides you with different features, including analysis tools and schedule creation made easy in an intuitive interface. You can personalize these features to subdue the complexities of the schedule creation process.

Save Time

Preparing the schedule for the ER department can be a monotonous process. With hundreds of options and dozens of considerations to make, emergency medicine scheduling can easily consume hours of your time. When you use scheduling software, you eliminate this tedious work which frees up your time to concentrate on important decisions and fairness.

Make a Commitment to Your Patients and Healthcare Team

It takes commitment to make the decision to improve your physician scheduling process. Even though efficient scheduling does involve complex workflows and logic, your ER can realize significant benefits by offering your doctors this commitment. Efficient scheduling improves patient care by providing adequate coverage for more motivated and better-rested doctors and nurses. Automated emergency physician scheduling allows you to do this through a more efficient and reasonable budget.

When you're committed to your healthcare staff, you improve retention, lower clinician frustration, enable doctors to perform better, and enhance productivity. Automated scheduling software takes into account staffing requirements, time-off-needs, work preferences, clinical productivity metrics, and financials.

When your physicians know ahead of time what their work shifts will be, they can devote their valuable mental and physical energies to the patients and make them top priority. You also reduce doctor burnout with an automated quality scheduling system so your doctors don't become overwhelmed by too many consecutive shifts, which can lead to clinical errors.

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