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Save money in 2021 with medical scheduling software

Posted on 12/16/2020 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Hospitals are very busy systems that are continuously changing - especially now. It's up to the leaders to realize when it's time to implement changes to better this system. One change you can make that is highly effective but often overlooked is emergency medicine scheduling software. Physician scheduling software can save your hospital money in 2021. Here's how:

1. Streamline Processes and Workflows

Doctor scheduling software provides added value like efficiency, particularly when it comes to processes and workflows. In a dynamic, fast-paced healthcare atmosphere, adding streamlined and efficient processes will directly impact doctors' abilities to provide outstanding patient care.

Shift scheduling software provides a standardized solution to:

• Minimize redundancies and errors
• Maintain peak performance
• Help doctors function efficiently and smoothly
• Decrease patient wait times

The reporting and monitoring capabilities of scheduling software also help identify problems early for proactive and troubleshooting interventions.

2. Time Tracking

Physician scheduling software enables your team to log their time and punch in from their smartphone or desktop, which eliminates the need for handwritten timecards and costly hardware installation. For the schedule administrator, it provides them with an easy integration and punch geo-verification with a number of top payroll solutions as well as enforcement of group policies and punch rules. You'll be able to assess the need for timecard adjustments fast by flagging a variety of time problems, like:

• Early arrivals
• Late arrivals
• Excessive duration
• Unplanned punches
• Missed punches

3. Mobile Access

Emergency medicine scheduling programs offer a mobile experience for each doctor that's fully integrated with their selection of calendar applications (Outlook, or another platform, for instance).

4. Optimize the Schedule

Doctors will benefit from:

• Access to real-time scheduling updates anytime, anywhere
• Schedules created to accommodate their preferences
• Simple, online schedule adjustments and shift changes
• Schedule transparency
• Even call and shift distribution
• A centralized, instant time-off approval request calendar

5. Focused Quality Patient Care

By automating and streamlining administrative tasks and processes, it allows doctors to focus on what's most important - patient care. The less physicians have to worry about standard processes and tasks, the more energy and time they can focus on their patients. This will yield better outcomes and foster an atmosphere where quality patient care is a top priority rather than scheduling, documentation, and other considerations.

Today, more so than ever, hospitals need to operate at maximum efficiency. Patient volume is at the highest we’ve seen, and doctors and healthcare organizations need every available technology and tool at their disposal to continue to provide high-quality patient care. Medical scheduling software is one such indispensable tool.

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