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Seven ways medical scheduling software benefits practices and patients

Posted on 9/11/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles

Trying to juggle your role as a physician scheduler and a physician yourself, can be challenging. You're responsible for not just patient care, but you also have to create a fair and equitable schedule quickly. Most likely, you more than anyone, know how a good physician scheduling system impacts your medical facility or hospital, including improved patient outcomes. No doubt your time is precious and the last thing you need is to be bogged down with a tedious manual scheduling process.

The Importance of Medical Scheduling Software

While it can be simple to overlook staff scheduling as an essential part of your organization's overall effectiveness, you can't deny how greatly it impacts many areas of your healthcare system which is why streamlining the process with shift scheduling software is so important. Some benefits of using this scheduling software to automate the scheduling task are:

1. Increased Productivity

Scheduling software will help you respect your physician's personal time, give them work schedules in real-time through their mobile devices and provide them with more schedule flexibility.

2. Customization

Emergency medicine scheduling software allows you to create work schedules using customized shift patterns to accommodate a compressed work week with rotating and fixed shift schedules that adapt to most healthcare providers' and hospitals' scheduling demands.

3. Automation

Physician scheduling software becomes your one source for individuals and team schedules. Schedules are updated in real-time with permission-based access and are published down to physician level. Build accurate schedules built on your rules and policies to:

- Distribute on-call assignments equally

- Meet staff quota

- Ensure the right physician is scheduled in the right place at the right time

4. On-Call Scheduling

Medical scheduling software streamlines communication for all medical staff across your healthcare facility and acts as the only source of truth to improve access to on-call schedules. It's always accessible and current so your doctors and other employees know who's on call, allowing you to easily contact them, reduce time and expenses, improve physician satisfaction and improve patient safety.

5. Physician Satisfaction

As the doctor schedule creator, you play a significant role in your physicians' overall job satisfaction. An accurate and efficient schedule makes a strong life/work balance, decreasing employee turnover and enhancing patient outcomes. Furthermore, making your work schedules ahead of time allows your doctors to coordinate their social and work schedules effectively.

6. Improved Patient Outcomes

There are a number of ways in which efficient scheduling affects patient outcomes, including:

- Enhanced continuity of care
- Shorter wait times
- Better overall results since patients are happier with their care
- Stronger doctor/patient relationships
- Reduced chance of physician burnout that could influence patient care quality

7. Time Tracking

Doctor scheduling software allows your doctors to conveniently log their time or clock in directly from their smartphone or desktop, getting rid of the need for handwritten timecards or costly hardware installation. For you, it enables integration with various payroll systems, easy time punch geo-verification and enforces group time punch policies and rules. You'll be able to evaluate the need for timecard adjustments fast by flagging numerous time problems such as:

- Late arrivals
- Missed punches
- Non-geo-verified punches
- Early arrivals
- Unplanned punches
- Excessive duration

As you can see, you'll experience many benefits to implementing medical scheduling software in your scheduling process, particularly if you've been using manual or antiquated scheduling approaches. Now you can simplify doctor scheduling across your whole healthcare organization with an accurate, fast and centralized scheduling system.

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