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Taking the stress out of managing an ER Doctors Schedule

Posted on 10/14/2015 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
All healthcare professionals know the value of efficiency and the importance of time management. Managing shift scheduling with a large staff can be highly stressful and lead to mistakes and oversights. Working in emergency medicine scheduling can sometimes feel overwhelming, causing grief for not only the physician scheduling administrator, but for our ER doctors and staff as well.

Creating the weekly ER doctor schedule can be made easier, and more effective for everyone involved, with the use of shift scheduling software. In such a fast paced, complex environment as emergency medicine, it helps to simplify in areas that can be controlled with the aid of the latest software.

This powerful tool can save time and increase productivity, which can be crucial for professionals in the field of emergency medicine scheduling. Let’s talk about some of the many reasons why emergency medicine scheduling software can help in maintaining harmony among staff and help with the demands placed on all involved, while all the while increasing patient care and satisfaction.

  • Scheduling Software Features for the Administrator
  • Maintain full control over schedules through many options
  • Posting of schedules online, allowing ease of access through laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Extensive printing and email options
  • Payroll reports with multiple pay structures
  • Scheduling Software Benefits for the Healthcare Provider
  • Reduced physician burnout – happier, more focused physicians
  • Better rested physicians as a result of more evenly distributed shifts
  • Improved physician job satisfaction
  • Improved physician retention
  • Scheduling time savings (sometimes even hours)
  • Effective rescheduling due to last minute changes or unforeseen events
  • Creation of fair and equitable schedules
  • Improved emergency department productivity
  • Less physician frustration when scheduling time off
  • Improved patient care and satisfaction
  • Shift Scheduling Software can be the Key to Maintaining Control

In a place as unpredictable as the ER, tension among staff, patients, and family members is often par for the course. The ER department can seem almost chaotic at times. Such a high stress environment can only be coordinated with not only highly capable and qualified people and the proper tools.

ER Doctor scheduling software can help provide staff with fairness in shift distribution, time off requests, and last minute shift changes. When our doctors’ personal needs are met, we can feel confident that they will be able to give their very best to our ER. Staff members can feel confident that every detail has been considered when it comes to their time, leading to high productivity and employee morale.

Demands on staff are always going to be great in an ER, but the stress involved can be greatly decreased when the shift scheduler has complete control over what would otherwise be an overwhelming task. The right software can help save a significant amount of time and frustration, freeing you to accomplish more with decreased stress. Shift scheduling software can give peace of mind in a field where predictability is seldom part of the vocabulary.

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