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The critical role of software in optimal intensive care scheduling

Posted on 2/27/2019 by Elizabeth in category: scheduling software articles
While many rural and small hospitals rely on hospitalists or generalists for caring for patients who are critically ill, bigger facilities rely on an ICU setting utilizing intensivists to provide critical care for sick patients. An intensivist not only manages ICU patients' daily care, they might also be called to provide clinical advice or assistance regarding patients in various hospital units like the emergency room.

Intensivists lead a combined care team that provides expansive health expertise to patients, including:

• Dietitians
• Pharmacists
• Registered Nurses
• Other healthcare professionals

This multidisciplinary approach ensures every patient is provided with the personalized care they deserve as they need it. However, for the intensivist model to be efficient, physician scheduling must be organized and flexible. This is where on-call scheduling comes in.

Benefits of Optimal Intensive Care Scheduling Software

There are many critical roles shift scheduling software plays, and some of the more prominent ones include:

Automated Scheduling

This software is updated in real-time and provides permission-based access. It publishes down to the doctor level. You can use this automated software to build efficient and accurate schedules based on your policies and rules to ensure you meet staffing quotas, distribute on-call assignments equally and ensure the appropriate intensivist is where they need to be at the right time.

Streamline Care Processes

Emergency medicine scheduling software helps doctors and nurses streamline care processes, improving efficiency. Doctors have access to data that's manually entered as well as real-time information from the connected medical systems and devices.Scheduling software provides ICUs advanced technologies, a comprehensive set of configurable solutions and outcome-management tools made for improving productivity, controlling costs and helping deliver better patient care.

Customize Schedules

Intensive care scheduling software lets you easily customize physician schedules to accommodate rotating shift schedules and compressed workweeks. It also provides flexibility, which may be needed during voluminous trauma situations, where many patients need critical patient care.

Schedule Sharing

The software provides health systems and hospitals controlled schedule visibility across all service lines and departments to facilitate care team transparency and communication. It greatly increases coordination while providing real-time schedules to the staff. Having mobile access is key to keep everyone updated in real time and at their convenience.

Regardless of whether you consider the gold standard for critical care to be a five-minute pager response time or round-the-clock intensivist, the reality is there's a short supply of intensivists. This means, efficient on-call scheduling has never been more important. Having the ability to reach your on-call intensivists is often quite literally a matter of life or death, thereby making intensive care scheduling software an essential seamless operation of your ICU.

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